2003-03-24 03:42:21 ET

i have papermaking class in twenty minutes.
i question my sexuality every time i go in there.

2003-03-24 04:36:18 ET

I, as well, question your sexuality every time you go there.

2003-03-24 05:14:01 ET


I know it might be construed as some hippy bullshit... but I for one LOVE getting my fingers pulpy.

2003-03-25 03:39:02 ET

i love it too. we have the best pulps. cotton, abica, SIX different asian fibers... awwww unf.
all my classmates are angry feminists.
on a related note, origamiboulder.com

2003-03-26 13:16:44 ET

Ha... they probably would have been as unhappy with my choice of papermaking ingredient as my grass-eating teacher in school...

Butterfly Bits.

2003-03-27 16:11:25 ET

mmmm that reminds me of some dada artist but the name (and piece) escapes me. it was a butterfly wing collage.
i use ground feathers alot. and i made a series using cigarette butts for pulp.
if i saw the butterfly paper i'd be tempted to eat it.

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