2003-07-09 12:22:42 ET

new background. arousing, yes?

2003-07-09 12:23:55 ET

I'm getting all hot and bothered.

2003-07-09 12:26:50 ET

you all want to fuck me

2003-07-09 12:27:35 ET


2003-07-09 12:28:49 ET

so rape seems out of the question

2003-07-09 12:30:03 ET

Is it really ever out of the question?

2003-07-09 12:33:36 ET

well if you can pretend like you don't enjoy it, that'd be great!
*rubber glove SNAP*

2003-07-09 12:37:47 ET


2003-07-09 12:39:54 ET

But only if you wear the sailor hat.

2003-07-09 13:02:25 ET

*don't peek*

2003-07-09 13:22:39 ET

O What a Lovely Night!

2003-07-09 15:08:25 ET

anima has LADY LIPS

2003-07-10 22:36:10 ET

<3 anima in the sailor hat

nice background, nature boy

2003-07-11 09:09:21 ET

yeah, where's my hat!?
:kisses J:

2003-07-11 10:57:40 ET

2003-07-11 11:07:17 ET

Not only does J love sailors... she also loves HEROIN it seems!!!!
(there's smack in the cup!)

2003-07-11 11:35:54 ET

I want the randy, blurry sailor on the far right.

2003-07-11 11:38:29 ET

What... you haven't HAD him? I thought the whole world had tasted the sweet TRIGGERHONEY!!

2003-07-11 11:39:22 ET

I was sleeping.
Does that count?

2003-07-11 11:47:49 ET

When you wake up with blood leaking out of your ass Bio, I think that it's safe to say "It COUNTS!"

2003-07-11 11:54:51 ET


2003-07-11 17:10:54 ET

cmon now... everyone knows that G. plays catcher...

2003-07-11 19:06:51 ET

Unless he's super drunk...

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