2004-03-19 08:48:43 ET

Why is it raining again? BOOOO FOR RAIN.

Taking the kids bowling today. Sounds like fun, eh? Oh c'mon, i know everyone on here WANTS to go bowling, right? haha.

Nothing else new. That's it. What a lovely life i lead, someone HOLD ME BACK!

2004-03-19 08:51:03 ET

Sooooooooo......didn't want to go bowling till now

2004-03-19 08:52:34 ET

Oh yeah? Till now, eh?

Did i make it sound THAT much fun?


2004-03-19 08:53:36 ET

Hell ya!!! It's gotta be a blast!

2004-03-19 08:54:04 ET

I wish we had some rain to wash away all the snow....

2004-03-19 08:54:24 ET

Haha, well damnit, why arent you in TX then? Or are you?? dooodooodooo <--- suppose to be eery music. lol

2004-03-19 08:55:16 ET

Oh yes RandonBlackChick... sorry about that. My family is in midst of all that white shit now too, where are u?

2004-03-19 08:55:20 ET

Nah, in Cali....funny story....about 5 people I know have left for TX in the past 24 hours

2004-03-19 08:57:26 ET

Doooood, that's not funny, it's sad, and ummmmm. Scary too!!! i left for TX from NY and i'm still trying to wake up from that nightmare.

Pinch me? lol

2004-03-19 09:28:13 ET

I wish it would rain here

2004-03-19 09:31:55 ET

dude, texass sucks. and this rainy season is gettin' old. quick.

and bowling? hahahahahahahhaahahha well, at least you get out of the house.

2004-03-19 10:09:29 ET

I'm in good ol' buffalo, ny

2004-03-19 10:29:20 ET

i only lived about 60 miles from you when i was in NY, RandomBlackChick! i know you must be loving that snow, eh? hehe. Dont worry, it'll be gone soon i'm sure.

Tina! Quit laughin at me damnit! lol... Bowling SUX, but yeah i guess it's good i'm gettin outta the house. HE TRICKED ME!!! i thought he had to work today and i didnt know that he had the day off till this morning when i awoke at 9 to him still sleeping. WTF is up with that??? *grrrrr* MEN.

2004-03-19 10:31:50 ET

i despise rain :T

2004-03-19 13:39:25 ET

And tomorrow is like the first day of spring, isn't it?

Nothing beats spring snow -_-

2004-03-19 16:04:18 ET

You mean it rains in other places than the PNW?

God, I always thought we hogged it all.

2004-03-19 19:43:27 ET

OoOoO bowling *drools*

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