It's a hiking we will go...
2004-03-20 03:36:00 ET

Ok, yesterday bowling, today hiking.

Yesterday we didnt bowl because there was a million ppl there and 14 of the million were signed up ahead of us for a lane. Ummm, did everyone have the same idea?? So today, we are driving to Llano TX to climb something called Enchanted Rock.

I'm, ummm... well. I guess it'll be really cool. It's looks awesome from the pix and I'm excited to take pix. So... a hiking we will go. Of course me, i would much rather get the exercise from shopping, but yanno, the fam just dosent agree with that! haha.

So... i'm out!

2004-03-20 07:08:16 ET

Rock climbing is awesome =D
What part of Texas are you in ? (like.. stuff I might understand.. =P -- near ** lol)

2004-03-21 06:07:18 ET

It was fun, not the "real" rock climbing tho, we basically just hiked. It was awesome tho! Loved it. We are near Austin. We went hiking near Llano tho. I'm pretty clueless about TX too, no worries. ;)

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