2004-03-21 15:08:14 ET

Ok, so i can talk about this here, because no one that is involved in this is on SK. If i write it in my livejournal i know i'll never hear the end of it.

Tina, you kinda know about this. Adam... so... i wished him a happy birthday the other day, even tho, it kills me to even talk to him still. No big deal, said, he was happy, said thanks, chatted about a couple generic things, that was it, i was ok.

So... i get on msn, and she messages me, she being his gf. Ok, Tina, i told you about her asking me what kinda beer he likes the other day. Well, today, she tells me that she got her bellybutton pierced and he LOVES it... Ok... enuff, THEN she tells me that next week she is buying him a tattoo as a belated bday gift, and that she is going to hold his hand and then she's gonna get her nipple pierced and he'll hold her hand. UMMMM, WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE ABOUT THAT?? Please tell me why she feels the need to inform me of these things. i wished them well before i left, I DID NOT wish for HER to inform me of all of it.


2004-03-22 09:48:22 ET

its to make you jelious
damn girls

2004-03-22 12:07:23 ET

No, shit, but i really dont care. It just pisses me off that after everything we all went thru, she has the audacity to ask me/tell me shit like that.

He'll fuck with her head too, it's only a matter of time. He's good at it.

*grrrrrr shuts up*

2004-03-22 12:13:49 ET

hahahaha men! what a bunch of pigs eh?

2004-03-22 12:15:00 ET

Ok, yeah i would say that but your a man, and i dunno if your a pig. I dont like to discriminate. LOL... just against the ones who piss me right the hell off.

Yes, that's it... Rightoooooo.

2004-03-26 11:41:04 ET

Eh I'll discriminate for you : Men are PIGS!!!

That suxors man. She's being a bitch. I would just start telling her raunchy details of your sex life ... err well make them up or something!

2004-03-26 20:11:23 ET

lol... Make up something is RIGHT! hahaha

2004-03-27 07:33:43 ET

=) Well look at this way ... at least you have the possibility to maybe at some point in time have sex ......

2004-03-29 03:10:32 ET

the histrionics of new SK Kiddies always amuse me ... calm down hun... maybe try some ... sort of ... leperosy machine ... (mmmm yum)

2004-04-02 10:02:19 ET

haha, good call. i wish i had one. Tho, she isnt an SK kid.

2004-04-02 13:44:16 ET

hmmm i was more talking about you ... i wont do quotes but the degree of MOTHER FUCKING CAPS LOCKS worked great ... *wink* im just messin with ya

2004-04-03 05:41:46 ET

Nice... haha, well ya see, the sad thing is, i'm not a kiddie. :( Any chance we can turn the leperosy machine into a time one? ;)

2004-04-03 06:04:21 ET

kiddie is a general term, being a longish-time SK member i act senior to alot of people, its a confidence thing. kiddie is just a way to talk about a group of people in a condescending manner

2004-04-04 10:20:08 ET

oi, i get it....

*not the sharpest tool in the shed*

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