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2004-03-22 12:14:06 ET

So, i dyed my hair. I dont know really yet if i like it or not. I stripped the black out and went with a dark plummy sorta colour. It's not really dark enuff for me i guess. Apparently I got used to the black more than i thought i did.

Meh, boring day. Went and spent $$

Spending $$ is always good right? lol Yeah... My kids are outside rollerblading, they are now turning into skater punks. I love my kids. hehe.

I think i shall go play some Bloodrayne now. Havent done that in a while.

2004-03-22 12:44:41 ET

stripping your hair is soooooooooooo bad.

2004-03-22 19:43:49 ET

Yes yes, i noticed. Not much i can do about it now tho.

2004-03-23 18:21:23 ET


2004-03-24 02:22:42 ET

Thank you ;)

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