2004-03-25 05:23:11 ET

Hmmm, lets see. Went to lunch and shopping with Justyne yesterday. Was fun. Soooo very nice to be out with someone other than my family. They all annoy me lately. I think that's a bad thing, but i'm not real sure. Gotta call the insurance company about the check for the fixing of the big red beast. Aka: Mike's truck. Was suppose to be done today, tho i'm having doubts on that considering we've heard nothing from the place since last week. Got stuck in traffic this morning due to an accident. Loads of fun, yeah right. Going to take a shower and head to Tina's for a bit. Wow, my life is incredibly boring, eh? Yeah yeah, dont tell me, i know.


2004-03-25 18:28:10 ET

Yes, your life is so very boring. ;)

I cannot stand spending more time with my family that I have too.

2004-03-26 02:41:36 ET

Don't let Tina beat you up... she is very violent and prone to eating her guests. I lost two fingers the last day I was there because of her and Eli...~cry~

2004-03-26 05:11:10 ET

hahaha, i will keep that in mind vasa! *hands you some fake fingers*

AND yes, thanks redshift for pointing out AGAIN the my life is boring... haha, i needed that!

2004-03-26 11:38:40 ET

Not any more boring than mine. =) I don't see how you two can be stay at home mommies. I couldn't do that. It would drive me insane.

VASA! She DOES NOT eat people ... well only if they become sleeping lumps on her couch ....

2004-03-27 08:33:38 ET

I am not a sleeping lump. I am a sleeping giant. Leave me be lest I eat you and turn all your cities to dust...my friend :D

2004-03-28 10:06:48 ET

=D Ok .... sleeping giant then ..... really big large sleeping giant that snores ....

2004-03-28 21:01:54 ET

OMG, see what happens when I don't pay attention to peoples comments and I am up late at night bored. I see this crap.

I only eat people when there is no captain in my house. and there is none. Beth, watch your fingers. heather, you're safe. You won't be back over here until this weekend, and I know I will buy some before that.

Vasa, just remember... I have the keys to your house and your car. Watch yourself. ;)

2004-03-31 17:35:47 ET

Tina said you were hot...

She was right :)

2004-03-31 17:51:48 ET

ha, told ya. I have the hot friends.

2004-03-31 18:15:41 ET

nuh-uh cuz i'm not hot and i'm you're friend =D

2004-04-01 15:44:55 ET

You are to hot, shut up!
And thank you Mrwigglesy person, i think. ;)

2004-04-01 18:42:34 ET

naw ... i'm hot in the ugly duckling kind of way ... you and Tina are waaaaaaaaaay hotter than I

2004-04-01 20:53:05 ET

hahahaha ^-^
pictures the tina eating someone....
Im a perv`

2004-04-02 04:25:36 ET

Dont gimme that shite Siren!! You are hawttt, and i dont wanna hear another word about it! ;)

2004-04-02 17:35:13 ET

Ewwwwwwww I don't wanna picture the Tina eating anyone ... that's GROSS

I think I am gonna go pierce my eyebrow tomorrow. Yup tomorrow. That'll make me hotter :D

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