2004-04-02 10:04:11 ET

Yes yes, mmmmmmmm PILLS. Cept, these one's arent colored, hmm? i wonder if they work as good? haha. We shall see. All i have to say is thank god for modern science or else no one would EVER want to be around me. Screw depression!

2004-04-02 10:05:55 ET

One pill makes you larger...
And one pill makes you small...
And the ones that mother gave you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall...

2004-04-02 10:10:30 ET

May i have the ones that make me smaller too? lol

2004-04-02 10:11:08 ET

Only if you're a good girl. :-p

2004-04-03 10:51:06 ET

Heh heh pills.............

2004-04-07 04:47:37 ET

pills RULE!

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