2004-04-07 05:01:48 ET

So, today, is well... shitty. Keegan was sick last night ONE TIME, i thought he had the flu, but now i think it was something he ate, or eating/playing to hard to quick. So, i sent him to school cause it's only a half day anyways. i'm hoping the nurse dosent call me to pick him up. i have a ton of laundry to do, and some other things before my parents arrive.

Nothing massivly exciting going on. Pills are still working wonderfully, ha! i wish, they havent even kicked in yet.

Watched Oprah yesterday to see the POW's on. The wife of one of the Apache pilots that was caught, Mike went to flight school with. She's a whiny crotch, but the segment Oprah did before and after their part killed me. These guys, losing limbs, having nightmares, being burned, ect, ect, i just cant believe that we are allowing our troops to stay there. It's turning into Vietnam all over again. It kills me to think that Tina's husband is there, her friends... and in about a month or 2, Mike will be there as well. I just keep telling myself that all the good thoughts will bring them all home safe.

Ok... enuff of my pointless babble.

2004-04-07 05:10:01 ET

Not pointless babble. It's tough knowing our friends and family are over there. I just got news Sunday that someone I know is no longer with us (I was trying to think of how to say that one). I wish our troops could just come home. Let them fight each other until they're all dead.

2004-04-07 06:32:31 ET

i totally agree. Putting all of our men at risk isnt helping the situation anyways, i just see it all as pointless deaths, and that should be unacceptable. I'm very very sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts are with you.

2004-04-07 18:24:15 ET

thanks =)

2004-04-08 11:27:27 ET

Anytime, anytime. BTW, i hear your the new beth and i'm the new heather. How'd you like that? hehe

2004-04-08 18:00:16 ET

schweet ... that'll be fun to be someone else for a bit =D

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