2004-04-16 05:40:40 ET

i want to go back to bed.

it's been a long time since i updated.

my parents are here.

they leave sunday.

i want more money.

i want a life.

i want new clothes.

i would like it if i wasnt so tired.

i think doing something fun would cheer me up.

i bought a zebra purse at goodwill and i love it.

i think this is lame.

i need sleep.

my bird is finally getting better.

i'm done now.

2004-04-16 08:58:51 ET

Can I just say me too and leave it at that? *yawn* call me lata or sumthin

2004-04-20 18:34:44 ET

i have a cow print purse you can have.

*shudders at the cow print*

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