2004-05-18 05:37:06 ET

i dont know why i even write in here, no one ever reads it. Ah well... fuck it.

i've had a rough few days. Some shite going on here that i'm having a hard time dealing with. On top of all that, Mike is leaving very soon for Iraq.

Been working out and working my ass off, slowly but surely. Got some shite to do today. Gotta find my power of attorny so that i can join the O'club and get the kids pool membership. Keegan is taking private swimming lessons there this morning. Expensive, but i hear it's totally worth it.

Yuk yuk, i wish i could hire a maid to finish my laundry. HA!

Labret is healing up nicely. Cant wait to put a seamless ring in it! Wooo.

2004-05-18 08:45:26 ET

It probably depends when you post it dear, We're here, we're reading ^_^

Sorry to hear someone you care about is going overseas. How do you feel about it? We're all here for you if you need to talk.. Seriously. *Hugs*

2004-05-18 11:36:50 ET

Thank you much. Your like the first person to comment on something i've written, in hmmm... a long time. (Cept my friends of course)

I'm not ok with my husband going overseas. Not since my curiosity got the better of me and I thought it highly necessary I look up the Nick Berg video. Bad idea, to say the very least. Very bad, very very bad. I guess that's about all I can say about it. If you havent seen it, dont watch it.

2004-05-18 11:40:29 ET

I've heard enough about it. It's sick. To think that people will do that for a political agenda... I hope that they find the guy they id'd from the tape, and that they take him to court, and put him in jail, the last place he wants to be in the US is a city jailhouse. I doubt he'd come out with his body parts intact.

At any rate. Yeah, it probably is not the best to feed what is already an overwhelming concern for a loved one. My brother used to be in the navy and I'd worried about him, but I immagine that's nothing to what it's like to have a spouse in the field. How does your hubby feel about it? Is he doing alright?

2004-05-18 17:07:48 ET

He's ok. Honestly, his main concern is the camel spiders. I think tho, it's just his way of trying to show me he's not scared. Deep down I know that he is, he's just not the kind of person to talk about it. I guess in some twisted way it's good for me, because I think if he was saying how scared he was, I would be even more scared. His answer to everything I have concerns and questions about regarding his deployment is... "I could slip in the tub tomorrow and die." I guess he's right, I just never look at it that way. The bottom line is, what he does is very dangerous and I have to deal with it everyday, just like he does, but in a different way. Of course, I'm the naturual worry wart tho... so. I worry enuff for the both of us I guess.

2004-05-18 17:24:00 ET

You're stuck in a very unfortunate position. Never in history has their been a wife left at home while a husband goes to war that doesn't worry incessently. Just try to put your focus on the things you can do, so they say. *HUGS*

2004-05-18 18:55:28 ET

It means alot... thank you.

*hugs back*

2004-07-03 09:08:05 ET

dont feel bad.....no 1 reads my shit as well........it sucks ass.....

2004-09-26 16:47:54 ET

*sorry i wasn't around to comment and stuff... didn't have a puter...* if you come back tis will be happy to read and comment and stuff

2004-09-27 07:59:33 ET

<-is also in the club of "no one reads my journal"

2004-09-27 18:05:21 ET

hey... are you calling me no one :::pokes klem:::

2004-09-28 03:43:45 ET

uh oh, someones in trouble.

2004-09-28 03:52:43 ET

yea that he is for sure O_o... no more pokin' for the klemster... not until i get an apology :::tear:::

2004-09-28 03:53:01 ET

awww. much sadness.

2004-09-28 03:54:35 ET

i'll live :::sighs:::

2004-09-28 06:02:51 ET

there was a time before u...plus times when u were MIA.... but you're still loved gabe!

2004-09-28 06:06:43 ET

*huge hugs* as long as i'm not nothing to you... i'll be happy

2004-09-28 06:07:32 ET

::Hugs back:: i'm all your's lover boy

2004-09-28 06:08:58 ET

you always know just what to say :::bights lip::: :-)

2004-09-28 06:12:47 ET

::strokes ur butt:: it's all cuz that ass just melts me...

2004-09-28 06:15:25 ET

oh you are gettin' me all hot and bothered :::snickers::: we need to take this elsewhere :::grins:::

2004-09-28 06:16:13 ET

alright boi that's what i'm talking about

2004-09-28 06:19:08 ET


2004-09-28 06:20:16 ET


2004-09-28 08:42:31 ET

Ok guys, get it outta MY PAGE! lol.

2004-09-28 08:51:28 ET

actually, i think we got out sometime ago...

2004-09-28 14:20:39 ET

Got out, or came out? *of the closet that is* hehehe. Just kidding. :)

2004-09-28 15:23:08 ET

hahaha yea we moved it from off your page onto another no worries :-)

2004-09-28 17:42:55 ET

Glad to hear it. hehehe.

2004-09-28 19:08:18 ET

so us bein' all lovely in your journal is an unwelcomed thing??? :-(

2004-09-28 19:45:59 ET

Ok, lovey is one thing. Butt boi gay lovey, is another. ;)

2004-09-28 19:47:11 ET

oh but if you saw that butt... you'd understand... :::snickers::: i just messin'
i'll try to keep it to a minimum...

2004-09-28 19:48:40 ET

lol, no worries my friend :)

i'm just one for bein a smart ass at times.

2004-09-28 21:12:09 ET

no boi butt loving here...just gay fun lol

2004-09-28 22:44:40 ET

yes yes... my ass isn't very smart... so i don't know how to act otherwise O_o

2004-09-29 07:28:45 ET

too true

2004-09-29 13:05:12 ET

i'm workin' on it

2004-09-29 17:32:01 ET

you guys crack me up.

2004-09-29 17:32:59 ET

well i gots to admit crack is a weakness of mine... so i must bless the world with it :-)

2004-09-29 17:34:06 ET

haha, classic.

2004-09-29 17:34:35 ET

haha :-) well glad you like it

2004-09-29 17:38:37 ET


2004-09-30 07:10:29 ET

it's cuz us crackheads think alike...

2004-09-30 07:58:14 ET

and we stick together like white on rice... well unless the other wont share their crack... but luckily klem gives me all the crack i could want ;-)

2004-09-30 08:32:48 ET

Oh yeah my boi toi

2004-09-30 08:33:45 ET


2004-09-30 08:36:34 ET

::gives u crack::

2004-09-30 08:37:28 ET

oh yea baby :-)

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