i'm baaaaak... by request
2004-09-27 15:15:40 ET

...of mah Tina.

So, here i am. Not alot to say as usual. i'm going to school now, 4 days a week. Working on my associates in Criminal Justice. It's fun... scary that i'm saying this, yes.

My husband is in Iraq, and working retarded hours. And i'm busy checking out hot guys in nailpolish, ripped fishnet shirts and bondage pants in HEB with mah Tina. What better way to spend a year away from your husband? Haha. The Tina has been the best at keeping me company in this lovely time. i dunno who else could put up with me and my kids like she does.


Nothing else real exciting to report. i suppose i'll try to stop being a pain in the ass and keep up with SK. Need to do some revamping with pix and my bio, so... when the time arises, that shall de done.

Oh yeah, i got my son a kitten for his bday this week. i've lovinly nicknamed the cat, SPIDERMAN, because he thinks its fun to attach to my clothes and climb up to my shoulder. It's interesting to say the least... especially when your trying to clean, but you have a cat hanging from the side of your leg. haha.

So, that is all for now.

More updates to come. PROMISE TINA, so i'm not a "pain in teh ass" :)

2004-09-27 15:23:24 ET


good job chap. it's about damn time.

2004-09-27 17:42:23 ET

w00t for at least attempting to be social, eh?

2004-09-27 18:08:35 ET

hahaha... sweet \m/ a post...

yea people don't put up with me and my children either often...
maybe someday

that's pretty cool that you're goin' back to school... how many years do you have?

2004-09-28 03:43:03 ET

2 i guess, if i can get all my stuff done in that time. i only started out with 3 classes for this semester, as it was my first time back to school in 8 years. i'm doing good tho, i really like the classes and so far i'm doing well. i'm going to shoot for 4 or maybe 5 classes next semester. We shall see. :)

And kids... ughh, it surprises me sometimes that PARENTS can put up with their own kids. haha... Dont get me wrong, i love em, but wow, sometimes i just wanna run away! lol.

2004-09-28 04:00:49 ET

yea luckly for right now all my children are just inner... i tend to keep it that way for awhile... i love kids... but yea there is always those 'moments'...

and that's cool... i'm supposed to go get my GED this week... so i'm lookin' forward to that... not quite as good as goin' to college... but i suppose it's better then nothing :-)... an ex of mine was takin' a lot of Criminal classes... i think she wants to be an investigator... but i could be wrong... it's been awhile... since i talked to her

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