Another day in the life of...
2004-09-28 03:47:54 ET

.... me. UGH. i have another test today at noon. My first test i did really well on, a 101... this one, mmm, i'm nervous. i dont know the stuff as well as i did for the first one cause our teacher just kinda talks about whatever and dosent really drill things. This makes for a great class environment and holy stress levels when the test comes. i have some time before his class, i'll be reading like a freak and maybe even attempting to stick the book to my head to remember things through osmosis. ;)

My parents arrive tomorrow, providing they dont hit to many rough spots in Georgia from the hurricane. This is cool, although, i feel like i have 8000 things to do and not nearly enought time. Tonight will be mass cleaning and whatever homework i may have. FUN FUN. Righto.

Ok, other than that, i got nothing.

i updated tho! Do i get a cookie?? mmmm cookie. i think i need breakfast.

2004-09-28 04:08:26 ET

wooo sounds like that should be interestin'... tell me how ya do on the test \m/ hope it goes well...
don't be too nervous bout it :-)

oh where are you originally from?

2004-09-28 06:05:02 ET

::gives u a cookie::

2004-09-28 08:46:11 ET

woo for cookies, thanks man.

i am originally from new york.

2004-09-28 08:49:56 ET

::gives u an xtra plate for later:: ur welcome

2004-09-28 15:41:56 ET

that's cool... i heard georgia and was curious

2004-09-28 17:43:57 ET

Heard Georgia? oi! Where did you hear that? haha.

2004-09-28 19:18:54 ET

haha misread 'hope they don't hit too many rough spots in georgia...' took as in they were already their (my mind is a lil' messy)

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