2004-09-28 08:45:06 ET

Oh, i SOOOOOOO aced that test! w00t

Only 2 questions i was unsure of. The rest was a piece of cake.

15 minutes.

Means i have an extra 65 minutes to clean house. Woooo. lol. NOT. But anyways. i'm so happy i'm so happy.

2004-09-28 08:45:36 ET

congrats! :)

2004-09-28 08:48:48 ET

:) Thank you kindly. hehehe

2004-09-28 08:52:11 ET

have fun then also, i congrats.

2004-09-28 08:52:13 ET

have fun then also, congrats.

2004-09-28 08:55:02 ET

*insert dancing yahoo face*

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