2004-10-02 04:10:24 ET

Can someone tell me when i became the neighborhood CD maker?



2004-10-02 04:52:13 ET

you too? people take such advantage.

2004-10-02 05:40:57 ET

For real!!! What is the deal? Is it really *that* hard to download and burn your OWN cds? Like i have time for this crap.

Small things piss me off.

2004-10-02 07:34:00 ET

if i can do it...

(i'm the sort of girl who deletes a word doc and all the dll files disappear on the computer)

2004-10-02 11:37:05 ET

I feel your pain.

someone guilted me into doing approximately 10 cds for a wedding. I almost told em to fuck off halfway through.

2004-10-02 15:21:57 ET

i dont blame ya. i'm just bored with it. i have tests to be studying for and shit to be doing besides worryin about who gets what cd's and by when.

2004-10-03 06:14:54 ET

HEY SINCE YOURE BEING EVERYONE'S BITCH TODAY... I still need a copy of that one CD... :)

ANd I betcha I know who you're burning it for.

2004-10-03 08:00:20 ET

Uh huh... 10 mins after he left she was outta here. Had to have those cd's ready. So, not my thing.

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