2004-10-09 12:53:23 ET

i hate waiting.

waiting sucks.

Tho, this new song "Home" by Three Days Grace, is really kool. i'm diggin it muchly.

That is all.

2004-10-09 13:09:51 ET

yea waiting does suck... hope whatever you are waitin' for hurries up

2004-10-09 13:42:58 ET

You and me both.

2004-10-09 13:51:34 ET

i'm sure things'll work out fine :-)

2004-10-09 16:40:54 ET

three days grace is some pretty killer stuff

2004-10-10 17:12:36 ET


that is all. the tina hath spoken.

2004-10-13 14:37:06 ET

Oh, that was harth.

2004-10-13 15:02:22 ET


No, that's not worth laughing at you. ;)

2004-10-14 15:36:40 ET

Haha, fuck i'mma retard. HARSH!

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