2004-10-14 16:28:15 ET

There's something strangely relaxing about chewing off 10 fingers of acrylic nails. At least i dont have to do the soak thing tomorrow. Dumb freaks with their shitty nails. Hopefully they will be good this time.

2004-10-14 17:00:15 ET


that's kinda gross sounding and tasting ....


2004-10-14 17:18:13 ET

O_o i know the feelin'...

i've only had fake nails once though... long story...

2004-10-14 17:46:26 ET

you've had them once???

I wanna know this story ....

It's gotta be entertaining.

2004-10-14 19:13:31 ET

haha no it's really not... my sister was in the mood... i was like... what the hell it won't kill me...

that's usually how a lot of things happen...

2004-10-15 02:14:34 ET

ah ... yeah lotsa things happen that way.

2004-10-15 02:30:00 ET

yea... good times... i know more about girls then i need 2... but oh well... i try to use it to my advantage... (not that i take advantage of people)... O_o

2004-10-15 05:23:55 ET


it's ok to use things to your advantage ... as long as it's not done maliciously

2004-10-15 10:57:48 ET

New ones rock tho.

2004-10-15 14:25:42 ET

:::gets dictionary to look maliciously:::

i'll have to check 'em out sometime haha

2004-10-15 16:39:15 ET

feh ... i can make up my own words ... it's heatherspeak. so there.


2004-10-15 17:37:04 ET

ok... well now i don't feel quite as bad :::nods:::

2004-10-15 20:50:14 ET

i have my own language .... includes my own words with my own definitions to my own words. i just neglect to tell everyone else what those words and meanings are. :))

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