What a wonderful weekend...
2004-10-17 16:02:53 ET

So many things, so much to tell.

So very very tired. More to follow. Maybe tomorrow. :) Till then, i shall hold everyone in suspense.

Haha, yeah, everyone who reads the page and actually cares. Haha.

*sighs dreamily*

2004-10-17 16:18:16 ET


and ummmmm ... yeah.

And ummmm ... no more nail chewing?

2004-10-17 16:35:52 ET


the tina hath spoken. again.

2004-10-18 03:46:30 ET


the beth hath spoken, with NO TYPOS :)

Siren-no more nail chewing... they look to pretty to chew now.

i'm WHORIN it up baby!

2004-10-18 04:58:01 ET

dear god, so you CAN spell? Looks like you are learning something from school. :)

2004-10-18 05:06:57 ET

So no chewing cuz they look pretty? Damn .. that concept just ruins my whole world ...

2004-10-18 14:11:41 ET

hahahaha. NICE.

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