2004-10-18 14:17:42 ET

i decided details wouldnt really be a good thing.

So suffice it to say... i'm incredibly happy. FOR FUCKEN ONCE.

i dont know where any of this will take me or is going, but i know that i feel so fabulous and i dont want it to go away.

i'm happy.
Thank you to whatever controls my brain and others.

2004-10-18 18:35:48 ET



foriegn concept sometimes

2004-10-19 08:25:38 ET

Well, of course it's over today. i'm just hoping that it comes back when this is all over. It's been a very very long time, i could be wrong, it may be spite in disguise. Who knows anymore.

2004-10-19 11:46:05 ET

spite is a bad thing ...

i'm working on the whole being happier thing

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