2005-03-24 16:05:32 ET

i need to do something tonight. i really wish that was get drunk, tho, i have to work tomorrow. At this point, i really dont care.

Great, eh?

Anyone wanna go out and have a few? lol

2005-03-24 16:32:45 ET

I'd join you, but i'm not 21 yet.:(
Do you live on Ft. Hood?

2005-03-24 17:27:51 ET

Bahhh... I've showed up to work drunk more times than I can count.

2005-03-24 18:11:09 ET

ew, who would want to hang out with your ass.

2005-03-24 18:56:38 ET

why cant you drink alone?

thats what im doing.

2005-03-24 19:11:28 ET

I would.

2005-03-24 20:01:08 ET

well thank you Slide :)

i would have gotten drunk alone, but my fabulous friend is going to take me dancing. YAY!

300- yes i live on ft hood. you?

2005-03-25 04:39:37 ET

Yay for dancing and fabulous friends!

What time do you work until today? If I can get away from here for a few, I'll stop by and see you :)

2005-03-25 08:40:06 ET

i'm done already. :/

i am so fucken tired, i'm suprised i didnt fall asleep at work! lol. Thank goodness for short Fridays. i'm sorry your stuck at work tho!

2005-03-25 09:43:30 ET

yeah ... i get to leave here in a few though. normally i leave around 10:00am on fridays but not today. stupid last minute schedule changes.

2005-03-28 07:53:20 ET

No, I don't. But i go just about every weekend.

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