2005-06-28 05:48:57 ET

Bored at work, as usual.

Watching the conspiracy theories on JFK. Interesting stuff, however, not quite interesting enough to keep me from falling asleep @ my desk. Damn i need some energy!

All that COOKING wore me out last night. ;) muahahaha.

i wish it was time to go.

i couldnt be that lucky.

i was busy when i got here. i did my work to fast. Blah!

i have stupid, boring, dumb training tomorrow. That'll be incredibly boring i'm sure. Then Thursday i have my psychiatrists appointment. That should be lovely. Ha. i'm crazy, crazyyyyy, hahahaha, crazzyyyy!

Ok, so that's all for now. Anyone feel like keeping me entertained? Feel free!

2005-06-28 06:00:59 ET

I'm always entertaining :)

Your page is real red. Thought I should share.

Yay, another morning of comment wars! hehe

2005-06-28 06:12:11 ET

Haha, sounds good to me.

Yeah, my page is to red, not to mention i'm sure i'm not suppose to be using that pic. *shhh!* i need to find something else to do to it.

i need SLEEP!

2005-06-28 06:24:53 ET

you and Emily... lolz

eli is sitting here going Meow, prr and crap. And laughing at your photo.

and me too man. So tired.

2005-06-28 06:42:03 ET

i'm grumpy! lol

i just wanna go home and crawl into my futon.

i'm such a lazy bastard.

2005-06-28 07:00:20 ET

haha, crawl into your futon. That line amuses me so. :)

2005-06-28 07:02:33 ET

Maybe with my newfound money, i'll splurge on a BED. haha. Nah, why would i do that!?! lol.

2005-06-28 07:05:48 ET

Where would you put it? In the Harry Potter closet?

and congrats! 3 bucks an hour at 8 hours a day is like... uh... alot of money (no, im joking I can do math, it's 24). Hey, 20 extra bucks a day (after taxes approx) is BITCHIN! Looks like things are looking great for ya. :)

2005-06-28 07:13:57 ET

NO NO NO love. Almost 3 extra A WEEK! Not an hour! i couldnt be so lucky! Shit, i wont even be making that much when i start full time. haha. Pretty sad.

2005-06-28 07:22:32 ET

Oh well, poo on that. that sucks...

see now, i thought that was the full time raise. You need to be more specific :)

2005-06-28 07:23:02 ET

wait. You were. I had to re-read.

Yeah, Im retarded. That explains why we're friends.

2005-06-28 07:25:52 ET

haha. i dont start full time till August 22nd. This is just for working here for 4 months. i'm no longer on "probation." They gave me a whole $.15 an hour for not being on probation anymore. Rockin. lol.

2005-06-28 07:27:19 ET

well, thats not too bad. You could buy a shot glass a week :)

2005-06-28 07:28:10 ET

Hahaha, so very true!

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