2005-06-28 07:01:31 ET

i just got my raise!!! Well, i mean, it'll be in my paycheck this time, or next time with back pay.

You guys just dont understand, i NOW get 2.92 a week extra!!! hahaha. i think i'm gonna treat myself, yeah, to umm... a piece of candy? Oh no no, wait, a gallon of gas!

Ok, i'm being a smart ass, but hey, any extra, is just THAT, extra, so i'm happy!

*Does happy dance*

2005-06-29 19:51:17 ET

yay for you!

i'm trying to find ways to quit my job or find a better paying job. lol

2005-08-03 10:35:29 ET

congrats, increasing salary beats out decreasing every day

2005-08-03 12:08:25 ET

Your tellin me! Now i just need MORE!

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