They made me do it!!
2005-08-03 04:44:38 ET

la la la. Here i am, making a post. i can NOT be tortured anymore.

Someone needs to make the crickets go away! They dont like me.

i need to make my page pretty.

2005-08-03 04:53:10 ET

This is a weak post... WEAK!

The chic in the picture is hot though.

2005-08-03 04:54:39 ET

Rawwrr! i need you to help me later. My page BLOWS! How can i make a good post when my page is ugly as shit? hehe

2005-08-03 05:00:27 ET

Easy you could ask for some help or some crap like that. Your page blows because you didn't make a real post!!!

2005-08-03 05:04:19 ET

damn those crickets.

2005-08-03 05:04:28 ET

i AM asking for help. So hush! My page has nothing to do with my post. You said to update, i DID.

It's not like i have such an interesting life people really wanna read about! And the crickets ARE trying to get me, so there!

2005-08-03 05:05:25 ET

el gooche

Your telling me! They hate me! haha

2005-08-03 05:07:57 ET

how many do you have tormenting you, i took mine to meet the flamethrower. homemade baby!

2005-08-03 05:12:23 ET

hahaha! SWEET! i dunno how many, but i know they are EVERYWHERE. (In my office and the rest of the building) i just met 2 in the bathroom. Little bastards are gonna feel my wrath soon. i like to give mine a slow painful "smoosh" death... as i call it. hehe.

2005-08-03 05:15:54 ET

yesss YESSSS, i used to rip their legs off and laugh at them maniacally as they attempted to crawl away, then did that.

2005-08-03 05:16:50 ET

Hahahaha, god damn that's evil! *High FIVE* Good work man!

2005-08-03 05:17:23 ET

yes! without being sadistic, i wouldn't be anything.

2005-08-03 05:18:59 ET

You are doing the Devil's Work. You should definitely get an award for that!

2005-08-03 05:19:45 ET

i would appreciate one, but no one will give one =.(

2005-08-03 05:22:34 ET

Awwww. i'm sorry. If i could give you one, i would for sure!

2005-08-03 05:26:22 ET

eeeeyay ahhh! oooooookay! tankies. you should make one and send it to me lol.

2005-08-03 05:36:12 ET

That could be fun! Not like i have anything else to do here at my amazingly boring job. :)

2005-08-03 06:31:24 ET

yeah i'm at immigration customer service, so imagine what i get per day.

2005-08-03 06:35:44 ET

Oooo, YUCK!

2005-08-03 06:40:17 ET

yeah....i always get 'lower your talk time!' 'up your quality' 'why is my green card not here yet, i filed yesterday!' i hate it, but love it.

2005-08-03 06:51:05 ET

Hehe. Sounds interesting.

i work for the local college. Oh what fun. Things here change daily, never know what to look forward to.

2005-08-03 07:02:46 ET

oh here too, they stay the same, but the different people call with different bitchin.

2005-08-03 07:14:56 ET

its impossible to get rid of them here..they are fucking everywhere

2005-08-03 07:16:17 ET their legs off, as they attempt to get away, and then hairspray and lighter them to death.

2005-08-03 07:20:00 ET

that sounds like a fucking blast

2005-08-03 08:17:35 ET


2005-08-03 08:19:05 ET



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