2005-08-04 06:31:36 ET

i'm at work.

i'm almost done with the first draft of the spring schedule. That's kinda scary. i think i should be a smartass and make an "intro to pedophilia" class or something crazy like that. haha. i would not get full time for SURE if i did that. nananana. Ah well.

i had a weird dream last night that all my teeth fell out. Then they grew back and fell out again. It was all bloody and i was laughing and spitting it out, trying to freak people out. i really dont know what that dream is suppose to tell me, aside from... your really fucked up!

That is all for now.


2005-08-04 07:52:53 ET

Better :P

2005-08-04 20:49:41 ET

shit ... i have dreams almost exactly like that ... the teeth falling out and all. lemme know if you ever figure out what it means cuz i never did!

2005-08-05 05:44:54 ET

That's really freaky. i have no idea what it means. Maybe since i'm sitting here bored today, i should go do some "internet research" on the subject. hehe.

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