2005-08-05 05:58:52 ET

i'm so bored... blah blah blah.

i have to come in at 730am Monday morning for my interview. HA! That means i'm gonna have to be up even earlier than i already get up, which is... TOO MUTHERFUCKEN EARLY! i guess it's good training for when school starts. It would be good, if it was light out when i woke up, then it wouldnt seem so utterly dreadful.

No bad/weird/gross/nasty dreams last night. That's a plus. Course, i was up about 7 times, LITERALLY. ALWAYS, when i sleep by myself. Must be an internal thingy. Who knows.

So, my best friend in the world, THE TINA is pregnant! i cant believe it. CONGRATS again. Even tho, i am STILL very hurt that she decided to let everyone on the internet know and didnt call me to tell me. :( Silly girl.

i'm done rambling now. i think i have to go do something that looks like work. oooo fun. BLECH!

2005-08-05 06:18:40 ET

haha, I told you I did it on purpose. If it makes you feel any better, the last person to know was Grimmy this morning.

Now come over so I can vomit on your head.

2005-08-05 06:20:59 ET

Umm, i'll pass on that. EWWW! lol.

i'm still at work.

i'm BORED!

2005-08-05 06:24:11 ET

Me too. Keith's off talking to transportation this morning, joy. I want to go back to bed :(

and so what else is new, you're always bored at work.

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