2005-04-12 11:29:01 ET
At this point of life I feel like there's nothing big to look forward to in this grand city of Toronto. There's a good quantity of people but there's not a good quality of them that I give shits for. I think at this point of life I want a couple of stable friends, a couple of stable income sources, and a couple of me-guaranteed square feet of space.

At this point of life I feel like travelling. But since I can't afford to travel, I feel like having my own space, so as soon as I have the money for that I'll do so asap. And where do I want this space? I think I want it in St. Catherines. Because I can afford it there, because the main streets feel like a large house of family members (well that's going too far, but at least I like the people there), because I feel my art will be appreciated as long as I continue producing, and because this city is making me sick.

I can't wait til I do my exam and let things be over and done with. I can't wait until the job interview on Thursday afternoon. Then I'll be able to say "yay" or "nay" to things immediately. I also can't wait til the theme park opens for work.

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