2005-02-14 10:34:01 ET

I simply can't imagine leaving SK: I like the interface, the loading speed, the versitility, the convenience...& m0x's charm!

But I don't like excessive amount of creeps.
I like myself, but I'm breaking the habit of tracking down my self image online.

2005-02-14 10:40:45 ET

thats why I have mine set up as "members only"

2005-02-14 10:41:43 ET

I don't mind if I don't hear from people who doesn't know me online OR offline.

It's the members that are turning into creeps, most unfortunately.

2005-02-14 10:42:38 ET

OH.... dang... thats not good... haven't experienced that myself fortunately!

2005-02-14 10:47:25 ET

i've blocked members from my page for that reason

2005-02-14 10:48:34 ET

I don't mind if once in a while I get an ego boost.
But I mean, dang, if I post pictures dressed as a kid in hallowe'en costumes and people're talking about getting BJs from me on my journal, don't YOU think it's a little too much?

2005-02-14 10:50:31 ET

Star, I can see that happening to you.
Too bad you have to pull that trick.

2005-02-14 10:55:54 ET

I may seem a bit like the creepy stalker type but i'm really not LOL

2005-02-14 10:58:47 ET

nah no one is really stalking me. I'm still on SK because the case is not really that serious.
I'm just happy that this journal is getting a great re-start (I mean, look! Females are the first to respond to this post!)

2005-02-14 11:03:13 ET

block people and let m0xie know if you have stalkers.

2005-02-14 11:19:42 ET

thankfully, the people i blocked are no longer on here, but i also took my aim name off, because i had gotten harrassing messages on there before... weird kids

2005-02-14 11:20:45 ET

I love blowjobs as much as the next guy, but that's uncalled for.

2005-02-14 11:30:06 ET

Wow... huh.... yeah I can't say that's happened to me EVER.... sorry it happens to you. My pictures are probably just not cute enough heeh.

2005-02-14 11:36:34 ET

O_o damn that's pretty rough...

2005-02-14 11:47:49 ET

oh, hush Maelstrom, you're rather cute too. :P That having been said, I'm a flirt, but people can be so ridiculous.

2005-02-14 11:54:28 ET

Nah, I don't think people are stalkers, I just think people are bored and the internet constantly promotes leud possibilities.

It is partially my fault for posting too much online, almost turning it into a poor man's goff porn site. So I've learned my lesson, I guess.

2005-02-14 13:08:51 ET

I still like images of myself tho, who doesn't.

2005-02-14 14:07:40 ET

seriously, if someone's bugging you, alert m0x. no one should feel uncomfortable here.

2005-02-14 15:18:20 ET

what the fuck, who alluded to sex with minors like that??

good-- don't go!

2005-02-14 16:14:17 ET

PM me Antony, I'll take care of any problems.

2005-02-14 21:53:50 ET

I never had any problems like that on here, and I'm sorry you had, Antony. But daamn it makes me happy to see all these people stand up for you :)
Listen to Axolotl and m0xie! :)

2005-02-14 22:31:23 ET

If Antony leaves, then I'm out. I got, like, two people I give a fuck about on this site and ANTONY is definately one. I prays that she doesn't quell her artistic input on her page.

Internet perverts need to be put to sleep. Unnecessary human beings, the whole lot.

2005-02-15 04:19:22 ET

oh boo. I am sure it was all unintentional. I mean, the i-net place, everyone bs on here, it's so harmless.
m0x, don't worry about it, I need to clean up my gutter anyway!

thanks for the spiritual care package ppl, but heh I'm a sucker & won't leave SK.

2005-02-15 07:21:54 ET

Daniel: I never knew you believe in Jebus! Plus, I think I've given up the artsy fartsy ways long ago. ;P

2005-02-17 13:26:38 ET

Jebus? Uh, yes...I do believe in this thing called Jebus!

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