dull life ensues such action
2005-02-15 21:03:25 ET

I'm procrastinating by researching on limaebeans' growth cycle & painting a small canvas with fluffy content pertaining adultery. I am enjoying both.

2005-02-15 21:05:06 ET

but how would one make adultery fluffy?

2005-02-15 21:12:01 ET

depends completely on the creator & audience's mindset
you just watch ;P

but I most likely won't post it online & just secretly sneak it into my art show in October.

2005-02-15 23:28:51 ET

Put it in something subliminally, like the Disney movie box covers.

2005-02-15 23:45:42 ET

nah, subliminal is for the elites.
I'll leave it outblown to disproportion.

2005-02-16 01:36:32 ET

But, isn't it elite to depict taboo subjects in one's work anyway?

2005-02-16 01:47:40 ET

it is if you're depicting it for the sake of feeding the taboo.

2005-02-16 02:12:04 ET

Isn't one's being elite relative to his/her peers and not the masses?

2005-02-16 08:26:10 ET

you may not be considered an elitist amongst your peers if everyong in the "group" feels to be on the same level, but can be considered elite to the masses.

ie: snobby goths and their orgy pals who thinks the world is on their shoulders.

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