2005-02-20 10:39:28 ET

Have ANYONE listened to this? This cross between Metallica and Beatles is amazing: the lead singer sounds exactly like James Hetfield, right down to the way he mumbles off track on stage.

Weekend of uber fun.
Faggish Masquerade included less creeps and freaks.
Got some photos back from 180 imaging workshop, they were all so fine.
I got an SG account, so I'm combatting between SG, SK, LJ, and as of yesternight, Friendster.


2005-02-20 13:37:04 ET

I have an SG account too - member name is Franklin.

2005-02-20 13:59:08 ET

added you.

I sent in a shoot I did a year ago to SG...it was an ugly set, so ugly I didn't know what the purpose of it was, so I cropped odds and ends of the set & sent it in when I first got the call from Ontario Student Loan about repayment issues. God knows, they took it, despite the complete lack of booty-shakin', tits squeezin' & crotch grabbin'. I wonder which photos of the batch they've chosen to upload onto their site, so let's all see.

2005-02-20 17:19:11 ET

i've got both of their cds. funny yet interesting songs.

2005-02-20 17:35:41 ET

best parody makers on my list now has more than Richard Cheese and Pat Boone's version of Metallica's Enter Sandman.

2005-02-20 17:46:02 ET

u should put Motorhead down on the list for their cover of Stand By Your Man.

2005-02-20 17:50:00 ET

oh Send it OVERRRR...

2005-02-20 18:52:32 ET

Motorheads cover of Louie Louie also rules

(and motorhead is way better than mettallica ;)

2005-02-20 18:53:16 ET

I don't know motorhead =-_-=

2005-02-20 22:43:57 ET

u have gmail? i can send it through that.

2005-02-20 23:02:14 ET

sure dang:

2005-02-20 23:22:07 ET

i just hit send...should be there shortly.
i should warn u, they basically fuck it up. but it's a fascinating parody. the version of Louie, Louie they do (which i had on cd somewheres...) is more of a serious cover.

2005-02-21 01:06:47 ET

i dunno, black velvet flag's cover of "institutionalised" is a classic.

2005-02-21 09:10:33 ET

Local H's cover of Britney Spears'Toxic is good for a few laughs heh

2005-02-21 10:07:15 ET

Thanks Klemmy...hm, I have to get Chris to walk me through Motorhead's stuff :P
Meanwhile I'll take on downloading Black Velvet Flag...
Geek, that cover is just creepy. But I'm listening to the song anyway.

2005-02-21 11:25:16 ET

yes, creepy, yet strangely amusing

2005-02-21 22:45:34 ET

I will cherish the download.

2005-02-22 11:03:15 ET

motorhead is so gettin played next time i see you

2005-02-22 14:19:41 ET

There's also Bigod 20's cover of Like a Prayer (it's mislabelled alot as KMFDM). KMFDM does Material Girl...i prolly could go on and on about pop covers done by industrial and alternative bands....

2005-02-22 14:22:57 ET

several good "Eleanor Rigby" covers are floating around by assorted artists

2005-02-22 14:24:26 ET

yeah, Pain keeps the violin of the original, gODHEAD's takes it out but he's pretty good at singing nonetheless...

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