Things I talk about to Cyphax:
2005-02-21 17:07:44 ET

He sent me this hilarious link:

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Meanwhile, I babbled:

I think most of Toronto's Queen West crowd/scene has issues. Their main source of news is Now Magazine's review of "2005's Best Chop Suey" or "which sex toy is more functionable?". I can't give a damn about the social standards. But what I consider as "issues" is that these people self-induce issues upon themselves.

Such as, "My hobby is getting myself into orgies, but the way to do it is to drug yourself silly so you forget your morals until morning, but not completely disregarding emotional issues that comes with it and my friends!"

Or, "My indie band is my full time job!"

Or, "I just pierced my dick! But I can't afford rubbing alcohol so it's pussing up and my girlfriend doesn't want to go down on me anymore! That bitch! So I kicked her out of my carton box. I just got a digicam so here are pics of her makign out with the guy who lives next to my carton box in Nathan Phillip Square!"

Or, "Hi~ I'm a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of yours. Can I add you to my LJ and call you my best friend?"

Sorry, I get really out of hand with this. Maybe he's not telling me he's secretly offended by it.

2005-02-21 19:14:09 ET

Heh. People need to get those Philosophical powers instead of piercing their dicks.

2005-02-22 11:02:22 ET

man, my indie band, is my job right now .. .

2005-02-22 13:22:59 ET

no not referring to you, but you know what I mean. Those people who survive on a can of corn, are NOT good are music, but refuses to look for a job...people like my FATHER.

2005-02-22 14:38:14 ET

i wish i could have an indie band as a full time job. then i wouldn't have to work. lazyiness is true bliss.

2005-02-22 14:57:06 ET

the problem is that a lot of people overvalue their artform as their source of purpose. People in tribes don't celebrate harvest 365 days a year & 10 hours a day, they work for it. People in Toronto can't throw festivals 365 days a year either.

2005-02-22 15:14:53 ET

i think i undervalue mine lol.

2005-02-22 22:11:56 ET

well don't I think so too.
But then, supply and demand exist, and people won't buy most artforms.

2005-02-23 01:26:31 ET

otherwise it wouldn't be art. it would be consumer goods then.

2005-02-23 06:39:54 ET

I think the whole Westernized perpective of art is getting completely out of whack. It's really bullshitty, like "this is unoriginal", "you're such a sell-out", "now you only do commercial art" etc...personally, I think the argument of originality still exists and lurks around like a mole on a frenchman's nose is just for the sake of protecting the fragile ego of the people who believes themselves to be modernist, because anyone with any sense of social realization has to understand that what they're doing are not going to protect the royalty to their work. It's going to be reproduced, reinterpreted, etc.. When you materialize an idea and call it "art", whether it's poetry or painting or time-based installation, it is still considered "goods" for people to "consume".

The whole "what is art? But what IS art? Oh that's so deep..." rant that makes up for premature art courses drives me insane because it gets nowhere and insecure artists only do that to feel superior because it is within a culture a thing we yearn for. I am not saying I am not insecure about my status, I am not saying I am not doing "art" or whatever, but frankly, I don't feel like making art to make such a statement because the statement is bullshitty, but my personal opinion is that "hi art/low art"SHOULD be dead; just because one is unique does not mean one should be on a pedestal.

2005-02-23 07:22:18 ET

that is true. it should only be revered because it's good, not because it's unique. Unique doesn't always equal good.

2005-02-23 09:16:18 ET

wow, I wake up from two hours of "nap" to realize I completely bitch out during sleep-deprived hours.

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