2005-02-22 22:10:38 ET

I am not physically suffering, but I am emotionally stressed out.
It'd be easier to fall asleep before, but I gave up my chance to by watching a really really sad Asian classic called "Rouge" so I'm being a fuckin' emo and I can't stop crying.

2005-02-23 07:29:55 ET

Have you tried interjecting your movie watchings with frequent clips of disney movies? You'd find the experience delightful and upbeat, if incredibly strange and maladjusted...

2005-02-23 09:15:10 ET

that sounds even creepier......

2005-02-24 19:46:46 ET

all you need is all of the simpsons box sets

honestly everytime i see em i want to buy them for ya

2005-02-24 20:40:15 ET

you should. You know I'd probably hold onto the DVD box at night mumbling quotes to myself to fall asleep to if you're not around.

2005-03-09 11:37:58 ET

well yeh, i can see that

'mulk? with vitamin R?'

2005-03-09 16:31:13 ET

It's MALK!

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