Stolen from Andrasta:
2005-02-24 09:31:50 ET

10 things I've done that you probably haven't (doesn't mean I do it all the time):
1. Break into private church just to curse the pope (in sculpture format)
2. Moved 6 times in 2 yearsexperienced the first porno movie AND the first Hentai with my brother (younger) at 10 year old
3. Rolled down a snowy escarpment half naked on the coldest day of the year
4. Trade underwear with your brother's friends
5. Knelt on the floor and begged someone in tearsGoes into a local strip joint everyday of the month to have the strippers buy you a beer and the cook to make you dinner every night.
6. Almost single-handedly torn down a 40-men-artshow out of rage
7. Water down your bed and light candles on it in order to collect mosquitoes overnight
8. Sit through a conversation with my father's friend who was telling me about my father's strip joint experience (not referring to bachelor parties)
9. Listened to a song on repeat for 14 hours straight (no breaks)Shunned out of towns for making art.
10. Write out elaborate plans on how to successfully kill my brother without a struggle (since I can't win from a fight)

2005-02-24 10:01:42 ET

I've done #5 and #8. My dad's a bit of a man-whore...

2005-02-24 10:41:38 ET

I've done #5, and #9

2005-02-24 11:13:10 ET

I've done #2 :)

2005-02-24 11:28:08 ET

done #1., but not to curse anyone. Just to rest. Long story. not meant for sk
#2. 4 times in 6 months.
#3. nope
#4. I don't know your brother's friends.
#5. I don't beg - ever.
#6. nope
#7. WTF?
#8. My father never had any friends.
#9. Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick.
#10. Don't know your brother.

2005-02-24 12:15:49 ET

nah I ain't throwin' no competition w/nobody.

2005-02-24 19:44:52 ET

ive done number 5, but dont get me to do it again ;)

2005-02-24 20:31:37 ET

sorry. :(

2005-02-26 07:07:24 ET

things I have done that others probably have not.
1. worked in a bar when I was 14.
2. been legally served since I was age 15
3. bootlegging by age 16
4. $300-$400 in driving fines before I had a licence
5. been shot at (indirectly it was an "accident")
6. Know more than one person with a CSIS file (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
7. been a bouncer in an after-hours gay bar.
8. picked out my fathers casket.
9. read the Versailles treaty
10. For the last 10 years I have always had a particular tape in the car removing it from the player only from time to time to listen to something else, but its always been in the car.

2005-02-26 17:07:40 ET

alright, since the list of mine is so lame, I've crossed out the "been there done that" ones & imputed new ones in.

2005-02-28 09:27:47 ET

i tore up the versailles treaty!

2005-02-28 10:09:19 ET

*skeptical of the new Adolf above*

my list is just the stuff that I can write about, somethings just need to stay offline.

2005-02-28 12:17:48 ET

well yeah, everybody has THAT list...

2005-02-28 12:59:39 ET

for sure

2005-03-09 11:37:30 ET

i was quoting a foetus song . .

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