2005-02-26 18:44:18 ET

I think I have the right to be offended if a man jokingly said "I use logic. You're a woman.".
I think I have the right to be offended if another man jokingly refers to you as worthy jerk off material, whether that comment may intend to be a compliment or not.

Yet, I constantly commit myself to self depictions that are asking for this treatment. I mean, what kind of response am I asking from the audience with these products? Sometimes I feel I have no right to be offended by how others respond to my actions.

These contradictive social morals boggle my mind.

2005-02-26 19:07:47 ET

you need to exist but you don't want to be treated like everyone else.

2005-02-26 19:27:25 ET

how is everyone else being treated like?

2005-02-26 19:29:39 ET

yes, I think so.

2005-02-26 22:55:04 ET

Sometimes I feel I have no right to be offended by how others respond to my actions.

yeah you do. those people are dumbasses.

2005-02-26 23:14:22 ET

you always wanted to make revolutionary things. somehow most people treat those as pornography. doesn't mean it really is porn, it means you're applying to the wrong audience.

2005-02-27 14:48:50 ET

You do in fact have a right to not have to take that shit. no matter what the subject matter of your art is, is doesn't justify that kind of treatment.

2005-02-28 09:24:10 ET

i have been told youre worthy jerk off material :O

also the dude who said 'i use logic, youre a woman' wasnt me right?

if so i was being ironic

2005-02-28 12:29:46 ET

no not you, don't worry.
I'll stay clear of people who thinks I am worthy jerk off material.

2005-02-28 13:51:17 ET

i think it;s a problem that so many people don't see the difference between 'erotic' and 'pornographic.' People are dumb.

Incidentally, although you are attractive enough to use as so called "jerk-off material," I respect you more than that. I only jerk off to actual pr0n. :P

2005-02-28 14:58:03 ET

Well I am not talking about "legal rights". Just talking about senses. What constitutes as "erotica" or "sexual" even? Some people jerk off to pictures of men pulling up diapers & shittin' in them, or women blowing balloons for photosets. So when I do generic nudity I wouldn't be surprised that people'd say things as such to me, unless I claim myself to be completely unattractive (which...oh come on, I am not that ridiculously modest unfortunately). That's what I mean by the comment that I have no rights to be offended by others' reactions.

Dima, I don't know if I am really trying to do revolutionary things; I just do myself little parts of justice...

2005-02-28 15:04:04 ET

It seems to be a mix of taste, production values and subject matter from what I see.

2005-02-28 15:29:04 ET

whether it's pornography or art, you still can never get away from the sexual undertones. so why can't art be sexually arrousing?

2005-03-06 06:40:02 ET

well, little parts of justice is the least you deserve. I think people besides being stupid and horny are also jealous. of the fact that you CAN do these things, that you have talent, that you're moving somewhere, instead of staying in one place and jerking off.

2005-03-06 17:31:53 ET

Not saying art can't be sexually arousing. It can be. Its effect is to get a reaction, whatever it may be, whether intended or not. Some people are afraid of theatre blood, and some guys wank off to mutilated women in sperm and gore (God knows what's with THAT mentality). Thus the confusion I have, is that it is not my right to dictate what the appropriate reaction should be; after all, I created the cause.

Dima, I really don't think they're jealous.
I just think this is how they biologically and culturally are trained to react as such.

2005-03-07 22:07:56 ET

:) as I said - fuckem!

2005-03-08 08:02:25 ET

I don't wanna fuckem! YOU fuckem.

2005-03-12 03:10:48 ET

duke nukem!

2005-03-13 09:35:37 ET

wow, you still remember words like those?

2005-03-14 10:09:38 ET

duke nukem 3d was a great game, i have it on FLOPPY DISK!

2005-03-14 10:15:05 ET

"3D" is a powerful word!

2005-03-14 10:16:50 ET

well it was the word then after wolfenstein 3d, seein as theirs was a ripoff

but yeh theyve been working on the sequel to that game for 8 fucking years now

i wonder what theyre doing?

2005-03-14 10:44:28 ET

jerking off to Duke Nukem figurines & Punisher victims.

2005-03-14 10:47:38 ET

see the punisher has sex appeal, duke does not

actually the punisher got laid often in the comics (we maybe you didnt see the deep dickin, but he woke up naked in bed with girls a lot)

2005-03-14 11:07:46 ET

cheap. They should bare all like Berserk (I guess you haven't flipped through my mangas before, but if you're lookin' for deep dickin', there's this 1/4 of a book on this rape.)

2005-03-14 11:12:48 ET

punisher was available in convenience stores, and honestly itd be wierd to see his dick, even in the mature reader stuff and graphic novels

doods a killer, its good he gets some everynow and then, but i book to see him kill people really

2005-03-14 11:18:09 ET

I can imagine him telling women he likes "you fuckin' bend over cunt or I'll blow your head off." to coherse them into bed. And if the woman was bad that night he'd blow her head off next morning anyway.

2005-03-14 11:22:04 ET

nah see thats why you should read it sometime

see he went to nam, and he came back after being king shit in that war

he goes on a picnic with his family, and they somehow see a mobhit, so the mob guns em all down, but castle survives and starts a war on the mob.

he figures why put em in jail? they just beat the charges, or get out early. so he did it his way.

over the course of killing all those first guys, he made new enemies, and they all kinda ballooned into more and more enemies, and now its his 'war' in that it wont end now ever for him.

either he goes and kills them, or they'll come and kill him.

he doesnt hurt innocent people, hes a noble psychopath, and thats what makes it so good

2005-03-14 11:25:05 ET

the bits of the gameplay you showed me and the highlights you gave me regarding the plot doesn't say that to me.

2005-03-14 11:27:09 ET

i know, but trust me, its actually one of the best written mainstream comics in us history in my mind (espescially the mike zeck mini series, the first 25 issues of War Journal, and all the graphic novels)

2005-03-14 16:43:51 ET

The punisher's more a force of nature. He's pure outrage.

Read the Born Miniseries. It gives a really deep look into his mind. It's about his experiences in Vietnam.

And I'm warning you, it's brutal.

Also, the punisher isn't a rapist. He spends his days whacking rapists. He's like batman if he was a product of the cold war.

2005-03-14 16:51:44 ET

Garth Ennis' serious Punisher stories (ie Born, the current story arc,) are the best Punisher stories I've ever read.

2005-03-15 09:19:22 ET

I'm a total loser for the punisher, so i even didnt hate that whole thing where he killed nick fury

the born series did rule tho

2005-03-19 20:37:16 ET

two words
many replies... sheeesh...

2005-03-20 04:38:15 ET

I know we're such a bunch of friggin losers.

2005-03-20 05:48:51 ET

I regret nothing

2005-03-20 18:13:37 ET

oh Dima, why are you even rolling your eyes? Didn't you use to have a hype about hedgehogs? What's with those 50+ posts?

2005-03-20 20:20:46 ET

duke nukem had a good kick move, and i liked when you were able to give money to table dancers

2005-03-21 21:02:57 ET

hedgehogs rule! :P

2005-03-21 21:25:20 ET


1. In the beginning there was nothing.
2. No, I lie. There had to be something.
3. Oh right, I remember! There was God.
4. And there was Hedgehog.
5. I mean how could it have been without Hedgehog? Without Hedgehog it's no fun.


1. And it was dark, I mean you couldn't see anything.
2. But hey, what's to look at? There's only God and Hedgehog.
3. Really, nothing else there.
4. No, wait, there had to be something.
5. Right! There was a Word.
6. The Word was uttered by God, when he stumbled upon Hedgehog and fell on his ass.
7. And the word was "God-dammit, I can't see a thing, who's there on the floor?! Stupid Hedgehog!"


1. And God created light.
2. To find Hedgehog, because in the dark you can't see a thing.
3. And Hedgehog became frightened and Hid itself.
4. Wait, where would it hide? There was nothing.
5. No, wait, there had to be something.
6. Right, there was Light. But there was no Hedgehog, because Hedgehog Hid itself.
7. Cunning little creatures, those Hedgehogs, huh?


1. God became angry.
2. He created Earth and Water.
3. You know, so that Hedgehog would drown.
4. Or so it would get buried under the Earth.
5. Either drown, or the earth, something has to happen to Hedgehog, right?
6. But Hedgehog didn't give a shit.
7. Because it Hid itself.
8. And on the way fell asleep.


1. And God understood that Hedgehog Hid itself.
2. "You damned prick" said God.
3. Hedgehog, by the way, was still asleep.
4. So God created lots of other stuff - sky, sun, moon and stars.
5. So that when Hedgehog wakes up it would be really surprised.
6. Hedgehog woke up and became surprised.
7. "Whoa, what a trip" - said Hedgehod, and became surprised again, just for the sake of it.


1. And God created animals.
2. And man too.
3. And he said "you see these animals?"
4. "Sure" said man.
5. "Find Hedgehog among these, and bring it to me" - said God.
6. "What for" - asked man?
7. "Just bring it" - answered God, and smiled. - "I'll kick it's ass. So that it wouldn't run around under my feet in the dark."
8. And man went.


1. For many years man searched for Hedgehog.
2. And instructed his children to do so as well.
3. And his children instructed their children.
4. Children of the children didn't quite grasp the concept of the search.
5. Started searching for the meaning of life.
6. They still do.
7. But they never found Hedgehog. Because the meaning of life is in it.

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