2005-03-03 10:26:44 ET

Yesterday after school I went to volunteer at this private opening ceremony of Rebecca Belmore's collection of works at the Pari Nadimi Gallery. I personally don't think her art is grand (they make great images, but that's about it).

I thought it was a volunteer and won't get anything out of it. So for the whole night I've been sneaking wine I was offered into water bottles. Turns out at the end of the night Mr. Nadimi offered all the volunteers a bottle of wine of their choice as compliments anyway. So I walked home after 2 hours of work with 1 1/2 bottles of wine.

I was the door person for 2 hours, taking names and letting enthusiasts who are not on RSVP into the gallery anyway, eating high-end cater food & drinking decent white wine, talking to these people who are "in the circle" & pretending to be one of them, so it wasn't bad.

2005-03-03 15:10:41 ET

it's always fun to pretend to be "in the circle" when you're clearly outside it.

2005-03-04 15:19:41 ET

it's quite embarrassing too, if you have a social conscience.
but I guess being them is about being without social conscience.

2005-03-05 02:44:21 ET


2005-03-06 19:30:33 ET

just watch my social mastery and learn

(and yeh im jokin)

2005-03-09 18:55:10 ET

I'm learning from you Chris, believe it or not.

2005-03-14 10:15:36 ET


2005-03-14 10:44:48 ET

as crazy as it sounds, yes.

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