2005-03-07 17:59:25 ET

Last week I had a job interview with a Benjamin Moore store in the west end as color consultant. It was 1.5 hours long chat & everything seem to go great. The owner even says he'll call me in to confirm for a second interview by next week and get me started etc..

Then I haven't heard from him since...until today morning when I got his e-mail. He just told me his ex-employee who left on good terms came back to the store so he hired him on the spot instead of me, since he requires no training to start. WTF! Fuckin' waste of time... :blackeyed: :arrr:

2005-03-08 15:02:18 ET

death to the douche bags.

2005-03-08 16:31:40 ET

There will be others...

2005-03-09 18:54:15 ET

the business world is a pain in the ass indeed...

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