I spit on the latest episode of Simpsons!
2005-03-13 15:42:39 ET

The episode about Selma adopting a Chinese orphan predictably contained cheap gags about Mao, the Great Wall of China, monks, people walking around in Chinese gowns, jokes about our stereotyped physical features, satanized Communism, & the 6/4/89 incident. It also says a lot about Americans' deeply rooted insecurity and (may I use the term violently) IGNORANCE. As if stereotyping their Canadian neighbour as dog-sleders and uncultured hicks is not enough of a crime for their lack of education. Not saying the show's writers have to be shackled to historical accuracies, but this immoral portrayal of alien-cultures are no different to school boys making fun of others to reassure their own self esteem.

In conclusion, I never thought the show can sink ever lower, one new episode after another...but this one is really hitting the all-time low. I can't believe this is an international show which is dubbed in more than a dozen of other languages, including Chinese. This episode will give worse impression on the "othered" cultures than dubbing Jackass: The Movie and sending it to Vietnam & India through the UN Ambassador.

* * *

added: Mar. 14th 05
There are those nights that I just want to spontaneously have some fun with whoever I may be interested in. I personally don't pay as much attention to others because I am self centered, so I rely on others' intentions of locating singles (and they ALWAYS do).

But creeps like to think:
Single female dancing by herself = high.
Single female that is smaller than 5'7" = submissive.
Single female interested in sex = skirt lifting permission granted.

me: alright. *shakes hand* --"FUCK - OFF."--

Unless I am out with people I am very comfortable with and is offering me a certain drink, I do not drink. Especially in clubs alone, I never drink. I'll dance for 7 hours on water. People who tries to feed me drinks will get what they deserve (I'll pour a whole bottle of beer in your glass of whiskey).

God knows, I don't think I even try to impress. This guy on the street with his buddies dissed me by screaming, "I won't even do that chics who wear tennis shoes with no socks, black skirt, messy hair and white coat!" (I dont' quite get the joke). Yes, that's how I show up in fetish nights.

Anyway. I hate men who wear suits in club, lacks attention to personality introduction, and dances with a beer in one hand. :lucha: I also don't like women who hops on the bandwagons of alt-homo/bi-sexuality for the sake of looking alt-trendy. I like female platonic companionships, but I would definately hesitate doing the bump n' grind dance with girls in a club. There are many forms of sexual explorations that I'm interested in, but the two-girl thing: damn, I can't imagine diving.

I wonder when I can get off my limbo status so to submit my next set that's inspired to look much like series about Michael Jackson.

2005-03-13 15:55:39 ET

you have no idea how much i agree with you.
i hate the simpsons
and yes americans are.
sadly i have to live here

2005-03-13 15:58:13 ET

the simpsons has changed so much it's a mockery of what it once was. i was too busy running my radio show to watch it in disbelief tonight.

2005-03-13 16:00:06 ET

I agree, its gone down hill the last 10 years or so. From what I hear it'll soon be over though

2005-03-13 16:00:44 ET


2005-03-13 16:15:37 ET

I didn't see it, but maybe you're missing the idea that it's a joke? I mean some comedy is just meant to be in your face and edgy. Dennis Leary is a good example.

2005-03-13 16:16:08 ET

It's gone downhill in the past few years cause they got a new producer guy who didn't used to watch the Simpsons. So now all they go for is cheap gags.

2005-03-13 16:40:19 ET

prof drunk: there are many kinds of comedies out there and there are many levels of audience each type of comedy is meant to impress.

Tonight's simpsons disappointed the nation miserably, as this all-time American (and international) classic icon has fallen into cracks of the abyss, less shameful if forgotten. It did not satisfy ANY level of general audience's expectations set for the Simpsons. There are Simpsons jokes that are almost entitlement; such as you wouldn't confuse Simpsons jokes with South Park jokes. Such as, the line "What does Paris Hilton do? No really, what does she do? I mean, what--" "She, is a WHORE." is not going to be found on Simpsons.

But anyway, tonight's Simpsons episode consisted of jokes that may as well be of Rainear Wolfecastle's stand-up comedy about Paki's, Japs and Chinks. The contents were designed for misinformed Generation X'ers, written by a bunch of half-baked guys who ran out of ideas in the basement of Humber College campus.

2005-03-14 09:58:34 ET

hey man, there were some funny moments

i just forgot them all

well except when homer said he was an acrobat and marge and selmas reaction


2005-03-14 09:59:38 ET

why would it matter to send jackass to vietnam?

man jackass the movie is incredible, and if i could get pregnant, johnny knoxville is the man id have do it to me

2005-03-14 10:00:47 ET

But you see, I didn't really like jackass the movie that much. Different strokes different folks?

2005-03-14 10:01:07 ET

nah, I think this genre of humour has ruined us all.

2005-03-14 10:44:53 ET


im a major fan of bam magera still

and i lived for that 'im with busey' show

(where i got the line 'i felt like wonder woman and wonder man, rolled into one' which gary busey said after going to his first rave)

2005-03-14 11:27:27 ET

its a cartoon.

How about the fact that they acted to marginalize a single aging woman. It is satire and that tends to create the occassion snag or two but for 22 minutes (some) people were entertained. They also acted to create a boring yet sense of commanality where they talked "one bureaucrat to another". Both differeces and similiarites were drawn.

2005-03-14 11:28:37 ET

my view exactly, im italian, and i aint cryin over that italian chef character

(actually my uncle is an italian chef with a tv show, not emmeril tho)

2005-03-14 11:39:31 ET

I agree with every word said by you, Antony.
They've sunk really low.

2005-03-14 11:43:23 ET

oh youre just a big suck up ;)

2005-03-15 06:42:59 ET

Some of the writers of the simpsons used to be top notch people that graduated from Ivy legue schools. Obviously, that's changed. It's a shame that the show can't even do smart satire.

2005-03-15 08:19:07 ET

if one looks hard enough you can find fault with anything.

Me (not a joke, this is for real) detest Mother Thereasa and I think she was completely evil because she forced a doctrine of compliance in a country that required revolution.

2005-03-15 10:16:19 ET

huh! cool

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