Working-As-A-Team vent:
2005-03-16 07:08:55 ET

The lady I was partnered up with for a 3-month group project barfed up a vent today in class, on me.
She single-handedly took up the introduction of the essay, refused all of the group member's assistance, and wrote this gigantic 20-page thing. Great efforts were put into it, but she allowed absolutely no criticism to her work, including, I told her she forgot a comma in page 5, and she defended it like I was treading on her roadkilled dog.

Then she proceeded to ride on the fact that I stood her up on Monday night's meeting (which I assumed was cancelled since no one showed up; I met with her half a dozen times before, so what would one dinner meeting do more or less of?). It escalated to that she thinks I am criticizing her efforts with no background knowledge of the subject, and I did not do anything for the group at all. It further escalated that I am a slacker in general and the poison of the team. It further escalated, on her own words to the teacher, that I literally did not do anything, did not do any writing nor research for the project.

The fact is, she doesn't know how to use the computer, yet she insisted that she receive the essay on digital format, but she doesn't have an e-mail account. She insisted that I send it to her brother's e-mail account but she doesn't have his e-mail address. So because she didn't read it, I was assumed guilty of charge. So 5 days before the 3-month project is due, she isolated me on her own loud flame in the middle of a Wednesday morning lecture hall, and decided to kick me off her group project, blinded by her own rage, without the consent of the teacher nor other group members.

God knows, I got the flu, I came into work without a voice.
One more reason why OCAD contains a bunch of fucktards. These people are not required to be computer-literates, these people are not required to be team workers, these people are not required to be English-literates, these people are not required to be critical thinkers nor critique receivers, these people are not required to be successful researchers. These people are not required to be sober, these people are not required to contain reason. These people can be of any age, from any background of interest, from any background of (or lack of) knowledge, and these people can ruin your life.

2005-03-16 07:16:15 ET

Whoa, back up to the end of the first paragraph...
You should totally run over her dog and then walk all over it.

Has anyone yet told you that your avatar has been very successful at gaining you additional readers? :P

2005-03-16 07:43:14 ET

Let's not put it on her dog. The dog doesn't deserve it.

Regarding your claim: N. I don't feel there's any gain to reader subscriptions. I fully encourage response that can be filed in the not-creepy sector of my brain. I think during this down time of my life, people should not wait for me to shamelessly produce self-endorsed merchandise. People should just send me their spare change in tiny sacks/envelopes via airmail, in return for whatever prints of paintings (or even the original painting) that they like.

2005-03-16 07:50:34 ET

If you can't take criticism you certainly don't belong anywhere near a writing project.

2005-03-16 07:55:19 ET

When I use the ":P" emoticon, I usually intend for it to mean that one should not take the message prior to it seriously.

2005-03-16 08:11:44 ET

What is OCAD? Is it the equivalent of the American Junior College system?

2005-03-16 09:13:44 ET

gimmie her bros email address, i'll tell her what for

2005-03-16 09:30:40 ET

SubSonik, I believe we all have our personal threshold. It may be an ignoramous statement, but in this case, I have to agree with you.

Faint, when did I use the :P emoticon?

Mauzer - OCAD: Ontario College of Art and Design. Though your take on the translation is very close to its description.

Here's what I've got from her after I wrote her the e-mail:

I want to thank you for submitting your work. I am in the process of editing this document: the format will remain intact; your work will hold its original integrity.

As per receiving this email, I am deeply dissapointed at the sarcasm and the general untruthfulness of its contents. I do however appreciate that you finally presented me with some wok, albeit one week before the final deadline. I look forward in this matter coming to a close at the end of the week.

Thank you for you contribution,
Roksolyana Pidhainy

"One week before the final deadline" issue: I don't want to bother addressing the problem to her anymore. The only reason for why she's receiving it so late is because she was prosponing the project as well. So god knows what women think when they're gone in their head...oh wait, I should know this very well eh.

2005-03-16 09:34:43 ET

... did you just call me an ignoramous?

2005-03-16 09:40:11 ET

I'm calling ALL of us ignoramous in our own ways.
to put it in the most ugly words.

We're all great individuals with our own traits, open-minded to important causes and compassionate to common ethics.
to put it in the post-modernist's fancy.

2005-03-16 09:45:11 ET

Post modernism is ovverated.

and extended periods of it give me a headache.

2005-03-16 09:51:47 ET

Wait, you go to a school that actually has a selective aplication process, to think I was in acedemic hell is completely missguided compared to your situation.

2005-03-16 09:58:53 ET

Antony: You didn't use it, I did.

2005-03-16 10:07:45 ET

Mauzer, really, what IS a "selective application process"? Right now their take-in ratio is 1:2, and I swear, most of those teachers are on drugs.

2005-03-16 10:16:20 ET

...I've been noticing a lot of psychological abnormalities in the teaching profession lately. Has it always been this way? And why are there so many teachers that hate teaching?!?

2005-03-16 10:18:04 ET

this is why i hate group projects.

2005-03-16 11:41:58 ET

Speaking of which I am off to the first group project meeting; wish me luck.

2005-03-16 14:00:03 ET

seems like they just want ppl who have a pulse.

2005-03-16 15:59:00 ET

Or money. Many institutions like Berkely School of Music accept 75% of their applicants knowing that after the first year nearly two thirds will drop out after paying $30,000< of tuition. How else would could they maintain such wonderful facilities. oh the ecnomics of education.

2005-03-16 16:55:42 ET

BrokenOne, I always thought it was like that since the start, but now it's less amusing: in the 70's didn't they have smoking rooms & students are allowed to smoke in lecture halls?

Doktor, everyone says they hate group projects. I think it has its pros and cons. Cons is, people may not have learned the trade after 40 years of education.

Mauser, good luck.

2005-03-16 18:54:22 ET

BTW, is my journal worth WOMEN's attention?

2005-03-16 19:58:40 ET

I've been told I'm femmy, does that count?

2005-03-16 20:04:25 ET

if only that is true...

2005-03-16 20:08:19 ET

Ummmm.... I used to shave my legs, and I sometimes carry a purse-ish-thing? Is that enough for you?

2005-03-17 01:01:52 ET

oooo i had homosexual tendancies at one time, is that close enough?

2005-03-17 03:34:26 ET

i kissed a boy once.

2005-03-17 07:41:28 ET

You too.

2005-03-17 07:49:43 ET

A friend once dared me to wear a bra.

2005-03-17 08:14:37 ET

I've woken up at a party, hung over, in a dress, without under wear. However I did wear the dress to the party with out under wear as a dare.

2005-03-17 08:15:33 ET

Was it a cold, breezy day?

2005-03-17 08:18:28 ET

No, warm and balmy.

2005-03-17 13:22:58 ET

oh i can beat that. so much.

2005-03-17 15:49:41 ET

Me too. Heh.

2005-03-17 17:20:41 ET

you really don't want me to try and no this has nothing to do with prowess or penis size ;)

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