A reply I gave to my friend on LJ:
2005-03-16 10:08:05 ET

Regarding the Toronto art scene that you've been complaining about: Toronto's ego goes hand in hand with the architecture of the city. May not make all sense, but I'd compare its ego to a glass-blown structure. We're all glass blowers; its structure sustains its shape dependent on how we blow it up. It's made of scrap/tainted glass from wine bottles or local dumps (representing our dazed and confused multi-cultural (or lack of) philosophies. The bigger the glass blows up, the thinner the material. We want the glass to be big enough that everyone recognizes its integrity, so we keep pushing it thin. But really, like bottles containing "Fuji air" they sell in Japan, or like bottles containing "Las Vegas air" they sell at Nevada, contents within the glass is completely relative and is only important to the glass blower's ego: The glass blower says "I put all my efforts into this artwork (ego), you better damn appreciate it!" But really, to "C"onsumers, goddamnit, it's just your shitass breath in a glass bottle that bursts like lightbulbs in the oven. The only people who recognize your efforts are usually other glass blowers doing the same thing or thinking the same way. And damnit, every fuckin' person who hangs around in the post-/modernistic art-driven community are glass blowers. With so many people making crap bottles, where are they all gonna go?

Here's my thick-skinned analogy of how I interpret the big T dot O. It applies to all of us with a speech; of course it applies to this big thing I wrote on your journal too. It is a very sadistic take of this community but it's always been my feel of it.

2005-03-16 12:00:27 ET


2005-03-16 13:57:37 ET

now that seems like a lost art, glass blowing.

2005-03-16 14:13:37 ET

I think I understand what you're saying. It's perhaps along the lines of how I see the majority of artists in general. Thinking of where everything going to go (in terms of storage) is a good point in relation to history. I think that people want to stretch their sphere by gaining attention to themselves, in an attempt to make an imprint onto other people and onto history. And everyone seems to be striving for the same thing. So the end effect is that we are composed of imprints now formed from imprints from the past, who are looking to make more imprints in the future.

Artists should forget about being artists. It'd probably help them get out of the habits of digging through trash and staring at the mirror for excessive amounts of time.

2005-03-16 17:23:09 ET

yay, Daniel understands what I mean...
but I am speaking with less calmness.

2005-03-16 17:29:05 ET


2005-03-16 19:26:34 ET

"goddamnit, it's just your shitass breath in a glass bottle that bursts like lightbulbs in the oven."

Sending messages in bottles is for assholes.

2005-03-16 20:22:18 ET

hey I just found the box of a present, from my first boyfriend's mom's 9mo. orphan child (who was nicknamed "the ugly baby")!

I just read the box content, to realize it's a 24-karat gold tree ornament from the White House souvenir stand. I'd sell it for $10 if it didn't engrave "Christmas 2001" on it.

2005-03-16 20:39:36 ET

Your first boyfriend's mother's 9mo orphan child?

So, like, what's the going price of the ornament, after your discovery of "Christmas 2001?"

Let me know, cause,

well, actually, I'm curious if just we can send an object that far.

I want to see what each of us thinks as it receives each of us.

2005-03-17 04:40:18 ET

I know, she adopts children for the government, these crazy Christians in Virginia...

Then every of her kid has a present for me. Obviously she just bought it on behalf of them and I just don't get the ritual. No wonder there are so goddamn many presents under the tree!

I won't send it to you because it looks corny and I know you won't like it.

2005-03-17 13:45:53 ET

Send it to me and I'll make art out of it.

Fuck, I hate people who keep junk and say "I'll make art out of it." Fuck you. You ain't gonna make art PERIOD, no matter what medium you attempt!

I did have one friend who was actually an effective trash-collecting art-creater-person. Then again, she didn't consider herself an artist - She considered herself A DYKE!!! (I miss my friend Wendy-she crazy)

2005-03-21 07:47:11 ET

i don't make shit that's art.
but sometimes i make trash useful again.
once in awhile it ends up lookin neat...
but that don't mean it's art.

2005-03-22 02:58:16 ET

"Art" by nature seems to need a "living definition" which only adds to the rabid and sometimes violent subjectivity with which we experience it, despite every effort of the anilytical mind to quantify and catagorize us. An amuzing struggle yes?

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