work vent:
2005-03-21 13:31:26 ET

It's only been a week at this new workplace and I've already snapped out and made enemies with all the women in the office.
Nice enough that three men already made moves on me with one of them offering monemental advancements, and hearing from guys that the girls are calling me a whore before they know me by my first and last name.

On Saturday I just screamed out during fieldwork and went on half an hour of bitching to the general public about them. I won't recite, but let's just say, these women yack about anything from toilet paper to bugging the manager to buy them lunch despite they don't bring in sales, to borrowing everyone's cell phones to call their boyfriends and making the work place a gigantic soap opera.

"Oh yeah? Tom owes me dinner because I pulled out all the carpets and cleaned every corner of the car!"
"Oh Tom you are so rich, I can't believe you are that cheap and won'[t buy me lunch!"
"I don't want to do this alone! I don't care I am not leaving this site unless I'm going with her!"
"oh I need to phone Ali to take his medicine or he won't take it!"
"hey I'm not dating him, but I need to talk to him!"

Angela and Rachelle are like those losers who pride on representatives like the movie Clueless or Legally Blonde. If I am a whore then they must be crackwhores because I've never seen someone pride upon their status for cleaning the manager's car or plead 30 minutes for pizza. Who's sitting on every salesperson's lap during break just to bug them to go to their house to chill afterwards? I ain't the one fixing tieknots for guys, I ain't the one dancing to Puff Daddy at work.

ARUGH. Too much. TOO MUCH.

* * *

I am not outspoken about my sexuality at all. It's probably past experience forcing me to act so extreme about certain things.

2005-03-21 14:02:13 ET

wow! drama for your mama at work, gotta love it. it follows me wherever i go.

and rachelle, goodness me, i hate that fucking name so much. i won't go into depth with it, but you are right, that IS a crackwhore's name. ugh, rachelle.

2005-03-21 14:07:13 ET

O_o... wow... that'd get on my last nerve... i don't think i could handle that...

2005-03-21 14:16:51 ET

see, at least where i work, i get mad, i can take it out on boxes. though i would have loved to see your display of verbal abuse.

2005-03-21 14:25:41 ET

have I mentioned that despite they know people are alergic in the van, they still swing their hair around and spray colonge in the car?

2005-03-21 14:30:48 ET

i dont know wheter these sprayers of cologne are evil or completely stupid.

2005-03-21 15:26:50 ET

Do your work, generally be quiet and all should blow over. At least until the day you go mad and castrate the guys to stop the corny pickup lines and sew the ladies' lips shut (both pairs, come to think of it).

2005-03-21 15:28:48 ET

it's a sales job, really, I wish I have the option of keeping my mouth shut during socials.

2005-03-21 15:44:19 ET

Wow, that's worse than my job.

And that's saying alot.

2005-03-21 16:14:54 ET

where do you work?

2005-03-21 16:26:00 ET

The Army.

2005-03-21 18:14:07 ET

You must kill them. Kill them all, and the voices will stop.

Don't listen to me.

2005-03-21 18:17:53 ET

I don't want the government to send forth Slide Rail against me.

2005-03-21 18:19:56 ET

...put a little mercury in the water cooler every day or so?

2005-03-21 18:56:11 ET

Don't worry. There's that whole Posse Comitatus thing.

2005-03-21 21:08:12 ET

I don't know why the fucking attitude is necessary. It must be some psychological thing. It's their brain making them act like assholes, while it's my brain who's making me act civil and respectful and all that other shit. If you ain't gonna blame the fucked-ass psychology of someone, then you have no claim.

If it ain't psychological, it doesn't exist. People want to be ignorant to what they know they know. I don't understand how that happens, but I can't empathize. Hey, if they need my assistance, I can help them pull their heads from their asses.

2005-03-22 10:17:53 ET

man who dances to puff daddy?

'cus if ya hate me nowwwwwwwwww then ya hate me nowwwowowowww'

man he sucks (tho i quoted a song he sang with nas)

if this job is that stupid (people wise) then maybe go, it sounds like this tom guy pays people in dinner with a hope of impending sex if he can sleazily impress enough

tho i may be wrong

and those 'ladies' sound like the whores

2005-03-22 11:25:54 ET

I like old Nas a lot. But P-Diddy rocks the penis funk, and I ain't with it. Some guys can rock the "P-FUNK," but not P-Diddy aka Penis Diddy.

(Sorry for using the "P" word so much)

2005-03-22 20:51:44 ET

Nah I can't pull temper tandrums on things like that. I need money now. BTW, today they did me a favor and moved me somewhere else so I'm GLAD...I don't care, I made a sale today. That money makes my pocket temporarily warm.

I'll see about that after the job interview on Saturday morning.

2005-03-23 07:34:23 ET

good luck with the interview!

2005-03-23 08:09:32 ET

i love old nas too

i actually also loved that one mic song he did too

but the newer stuff i have not paid attention

i love noreaga tho

2005-03-24 12:39:56 ET

I had a bullshit/wierd dream one time that I was hanging out with Eminem behind some bleachers at a football field, and Mobb Deep came up and beat the shit out of me. Now, having dreams with Eminem is pretty-much the most pathetic thing a person can do. And then to get beat up by Mobb Deep? I don't even listen to them!

2005-03-24 17:35:50 ET

now don't you dare start drama you.

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