2005-03-28 19:19:37 ET

my mom talked about how she feels ambitiousless, weary, and how life generally lacks purpose lately. She talked about how it's been over half a decade since my brother and I went on a trip with her.

* * *

I feel much the same. I feel so immobile and purposeless.

* * *

Today afternoon I spent half a day distracted from homework because I can't get Chris out of my mind. As pathetic as it may sound, I've never dated someone who I can't get out of my head this constantly. I should be happy.

2005-03-29 02:12:09 ET

i feel very ambitiousless cuz work tires the hell out of me.

2005-03-29 10:37:11 ET

i hope im not stuck in your head like some lame song like girls on film

i hope its more an eternal flame of love that cant be extinguished in your brain

2005-03-30 10:59:43 ET

damn, if you didn't mention "girls on film" I would've NEVER have that song stuck in my head as I really don't have vague memories of hearing it until you mention the title.

Yeah, damn the eternal flame.

2005-03-31 09:12:12 ET

no damn, hooray the eternal flame ;)

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