2005-03-31 18:33:15 ET

I checked e-mail tonight, thinking the spambot finally found my hotmail account after those years.

Turns out my set went live on SG (that's why)...yay, more people telling me I have nice tits.
As imagined, the competition was lost 282-408 comments. Cos my set is just THAT lame, seriously. I can't expect more. I mean, people raving about "amazing photography! The photographer has a keen eye on you!" are BS'in. I cropped/cleaned them, then Missy further messed with the photos. Hopefully the 2nd set'd be accepted. Well that wasn't such a long wait (1 1/2 months, standard?), just agonizingly impatient. Now to be impatient about the 2nd set.

I got a notice today, I think my photos from Mauricio arrived! :O UBER EXCITED.

I broke down at work today because Tom said some really stupid joke, triggering something hard. Today I made 1/2 sale. So stupid. BUT I got a call from this art school today. She phoned me back after I sent her a coverletter in December. Hopefully the 2nd review goes well and I get to show her my portfolio. Hopefully I get that job.

2005-03-31 19:28:27 ET

I try to memorize at least one line from any play that I read.

Romeo and Juliet:

Juliet: "Oh, happy dagger!"

A Street Car Named Desire:

"Cherry tit?"

2005-04-01 01:55:38 ET

damn it, MEMBERS ONLY.

i'll never sink low enough to pay just to see one set of picts. (since i've downloaded pretty much all the others)

2005-04-01 02:48:54 ET

where do you download them without the membership?

2005-04-01 05:42:02 ET

Limewire has lots of 'em to DL.

an d yeah, I'm with Arseny, I'd love to see, but I don't belive in buying smut. :P

2005-04-01 07:26:29 ET

dear doktor, sex workers work just as hard as sum 41 does to earn your money, just like real women you gotta pay.

and annie whatd this tom guy say anyway? he sounds like a real winner . ..

2005-04-01 10:30:52 ET

actually you can see your tits on one of the ads .. and they are good.

2005-04-01 18:58:31 ET

"actually you can see your tits on one of the ads .. and they are good."

the internet equivalent of watching snowy cable porn channels.

2005-04-02 09:46:26 ET

Chris, I don't buy smut either.
Chris #2, Tom didn't say anything important at all.
Ars, stop staring at my tits.

Heather, punch him for me.

2005-04-02 12:26:15 ET

oh come on, please. fine i'll send you a cheque.

2005-04-02 15:08:19 ET

...but they ARE nice. :/

2005-04-03 11:50:41 ET

true they are ;)

2005-04-03 15:28:13 ET

don't be going around promoting my tits. Just do the promoting for my art.

2005-04-03 22:18:11 ET

ok, dont worrrrrrrrrry

btw you can buy petes statistic record at black market now

2005-04-03 22:24:20 ET

what's statistic record?

2005-04-04 09:16:36 ET

his dnb group is called statistic

and he has a record out now

run, dont walk, to your local black market store

2005-04-04 09:26:52 ET

I'll try to refrain from yawning. (just kidding)

2005-04-05 13:51:50 ET

good that ya kiddin

cus pete is serious bidness

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