2005-04-08 09:12:06 ET

Yesterday I did a photo session with Gawain Green.
Now I am bored...

Few days ago Chris & I went for a walk & found swings. I am a loser.
Tonight's about him acting out his mushy romance with champaigne and beach towels.

One day this weekend I've gotta bring him to grocery shopping because this man NEEDS to learn to do so.
I should study for my exam.

2005-04-08 10:32:06 ET

LOL he can't just take a list and shop?

2005-04-08 10:52:02 ET

it's not that, he just won't go to do the shopping.

then he ends up eating McD for $6-8 a night or something. Or buying things one at a time at a convenience store, running up his food bill to $600/month or something.

2005-04-08 11:05:10 ET

... LOL fool.

2005-04-08 14:50:17 ET

swings rock.

2005-04-08 15:57:41 ET

Wow, those are some rather frightening shopping habits.

2005-04-09 10:52:21 ET

SubSonik - excuuuuuuuuuuussssssseeeeee me?

and to all others, quit dissin my eatin habits, i still seem to get laid dont i?

2005-04-09 10:53:30 ET

i'm all about fast food and convience store buying. So i'm with u inmotive!

2005-04-09 10:57:55 ET

klemmy = (y)

(y) = thumbs up emoticon in msn messenger

2005-04-09 11:09:43 ET

in fact, i lived six months on that lifestyle alone when i had two jobs

2005-04-09 11:31:49 ET

boo to all you guys who'd rather die than eat what your body's crying out loud for.

2005-04-09 11:37:32 ET

oh i changed my diet now that i have a gf.

2005-04-09 11:38:31 ET

see, at least you learned your lesson. This guy NEVER DOES.

2005-04-09 12:50:45 ET

Tie him down and force-feed him lettuce for two weeks.

2005-04-09 16:39:53 ET

today for all you haters i had a penne bolognaise with a bit of bread, along with several beers

annie had a seafood platter

am i that bad at eating?

2005-04-09 18:21:30 ET

lol so easy to ride on your ass about the dumbest things.
alright. I'm sorry. I'll stop right here.
But promise me right after the next time you check SK you HAVE to go grocery shopping & no more delayin'.

2005-04-10 10:51:38 ET

I should do a photoshoot called "Snowmen In The Summertime". It'll just be a bunch of puddles.

2005-04-10 12:01:06 ET

sounds exciting.

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