2005-04-09 19:15:24 ET

Chris and I did the "cute and romantic" ritual, I got drunk. The end.

2005-04-09 19:16:25 ET

The "cute and romantic" ritual?

2005-04-09 19:24:02 ET

you know, one of the many city slicker rituals of expressing love in the conventional, commercial way.

2005-04-09 19:46:29 ET

oh my.

2005-04-09 19:56:46 ET

oh my what? you know what happened?

2005-04-10 13:56:01 ET

Cuteness, romanticism, and insobriety; what more could a girl want?

2005-04-10 14:49:38 ET

sobriety is appreciated.

2005-04-10 17:07:17 ET

sobriety is boring.

2005-04-10 17:19:09 ET

you just don't know how to live life with it.

2005-04-10 17:33:54 ET

"Chris and I did the "cute and romantic" ritual, I got drunk. The end."

Apparently Antony doesn't either.

2005-04-10 18:08:56 ET

hey I get drunk less often than SK people read.

2005-04-10 19:54:20 ET

Are some of the drunken instances misreported?

2005-04-10 19:56:09 ET

depends on what I mean by "drunk" in particular.

2005-04-10 19:58:51 ET

To what sort of drunkenness does this post refer?

2005-04-10 20:13:01 ET

this post is a mysterious post. It's not meant for people to fully understand.

2005-04-10 20:23:37 ET

Are you a gremlin?

2005-04-10 20:41:04 ET

no one told you guys to think so much into one random sentence.

2005-04-10 21:36:29 ET

Aha! So I'm right!

2005-04-10 22:38:03 ET

right on what ?

2005-04-10 23:48:12 ET

You're a gremlin!

2005-04-11 11:38:00 ET

yeah whatever. gremlin I am then.

2005-04-11 21:00:56 ET

That's great, because I didn't think I'd be able to finish my soup.

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