2005-04-12 08:24:16 ET

SG mail came in already!

2005-04-12 08:27:56 ET


2005-04-12 08:31:10 ET

ACK!!! Stop giving me ideas!

2005-04-12 10:02:14 ET

you should just go for it.

2005-04-12 10:50:12 ET


mail huh? is it like polaroids of fat naked men like "I WANT YOU HERE IS MY PENIS SORRY ITS SMALL I"LL TRY TO DO BETTER"

2005-04-12 10:52:56 ET

what are you talkin' about...

2005-04-12 12:30:07 ET

think i know?

2005-04-12 12:53:09 ET

well I thought you at least had a clue...

2005-04-14 08:10:06 ET

nah he aint lyin, fat naked men, no matter the penis size, it just looks smaller and smaller

2005-04-14 12:04:03 ET

OHHHH....no not that kinda mail no.

2005-04-14 13:20:51 ET


2005-04-15 10:11:26 ET

Mael, I promote you to do this.

2005-04-15 10:38:11 ET

well give me a few weeks to complete my "science experiment" first!

2005-04-15 10:43:30 ET

whoa, i'd def. have to steal someone's membership then.

omg antony i should write you a letter soaked in perfume.

2005-04-16 12:29:19 ET

what's wrong with your buns? your photos are so huge there's no way of making out who is who and what anything is anyway.

Ars, I'll put that letter in the washroom area open for everyone to read and sniff.

2005-04-18 08:56:06 ET

oh ars, they did another really REALLY REALLY awful movie again. I am shivering in pain.

2005-04-18 10:24:49 ET

we should make a movie called like SUICIDE GIRL ANTONY VS THE BIG RED SCARE

in it you can kill me with chinese swords and kung fu.. and i'll shoot like stars at you

2005-04-18 12:25:30 ET

*ka ching!*

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