2005-04-13 07:31:57 ET

the concept of college/university is officially over with me. I hate it all. Haven't you grasped the details of why during the past years?

now I don't know what to do.

2005-04-13 09:05:04 ET

I've been feeling that way lately too. Umm...there's always driving truck? Good pay, good food..?

2005-04-13 13:21:26 ET

There's so much out there, if you can just look in the right places. I'm sure you'll find something rather fulfilling. And you won't even have to take your clothes off, what a bonus.

2005-04-13 15:12:32 ET

some of the best artist never went to school. or dropped out.

2005-04-13 15:16:47 ET

99.999% of artists, some with education, some without, ends up working cashier at tattoo parlors, McD, Walmart, and Coffee Time. Many girls who have semi-amusing charms like me, end up working for tips at bars.

2005-04-13 15:18:02 ET

hey, 99 of 100 entrepueners fail in their first year, so it's not like no one fails. figure if nothing else, we'll be famous after death.

2005-04-13 17:49:27 ET

I'll try to achieve that "famous after death" status.

2005-04-13 18:26:28 ET

Just try to be happy. You don't neccesarily have to be overwhelmingly successful. Even having some crummy dead end job will suffice, as long as you can still do what you love. But I've seen your work, and I think it's fabulous; I doubt you'll have to settle for the lowest tier of things.

2005-04-13 18:39:48 ET

I always have to quote Kahn from King of the Hill when he's in the washroom:

You red neck hillbilly won't understand with dead end jobs. I'm Asian for God's sake. More expected of me.

2005-04-13 21:07:07 ET

Then ignore sentence two and three, and zoom just for the praise and encouragement.

2005-04-14 08:11:30 ET

i wish i had a lot of money and we could just live like artists

(that is eat bad, sleep whenever, and just paint and drink and write muysic

2005-04-14 12:04:12 ET

well don't we all wish that.

2005-04-14 16:00:18 ET

Sounds nice to me. I try to do that every now and then, but it really pisses people off. Which, of course, I end up having to deal with.

2005-04-15 08:54:04 ET

i wish i had a cowboy hat

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