2005-04-13 17:52:23 ET

My mom bought me this UBER gothic lolita dress *with all the perks of laces & dark shades of schoolgirl plads*. With the hairfalls from Mistress Draven, I just look too damn 1993 goff.

* * *

Tonight I have to do an ACTUAL commission my mother CAN know about. If anyone else would like to take some more, please offer to do so.

All of the paintings on this page I'll happily get rid of for +/- $50 unless you ask about specific ones (they may be less or more depending on how I feel about them), at the same time someone may as well take to decorate their washroom too, cos I have no washroom space for this triptich.


mom: so are you doing well with finance?
me: yeah, yeah. don't worry about that stuff, I'm fine.
mom: but you haven't worked for so long!
me: but you know I have commissions right?
mom: still for DMW?
me: yeah.
mom: you should quit working with them you know, when are they going to pay you anyway.
me: they paid me.
mom: but you can't just live on that...
me: I sold paintings?
mom: oh really.
me: yeah I sold them online. I'll be fine until the other job starts.
mom: which one did you sell? I'm curious!
me: oh it's from highschool, you won't remember.
mom: no I'm curious! Just tell me, I'm sure I'll remember.

*this is the part I blanked out. I remember I didn't show her any of my paintings from highschool, such at this one:

me: er, you know, one of my life drawings.
mom: oh you're not talking about the ones of old men's dicks right?

me: nah, I like that one.
mom: oh so it's that one where of that tall scrawny guy with his dick face front?
me: no no no, it's the one of the manish looking woman on brown paper!

mom: oh...but that's enough for you?
me: I sold it for a lot! it's for $---(price confidential)
mom: wow, it's worth that much?
me: yeah, some crazy holagan took a liking to the chic!
mom: alright.

but alright, peter actually took
. now they have home & possibly some love so I'm so happy for them thanks to peter. I'm typing this right now cos I injured my finger from plyin' off the nails off the back of the frame (I built it so sturdy back then; it's as if I took two weeks just puting all my energy onto building the damn frame "right")

was taken by Mauricio as a trade for a set of print of all of his artworks he has for his upcoming exhibition at Venesuela. :D :D :D

I am so excited about trading the set of matted prints of for her [IMAGE] (I love scary scrap dolls & I love art, so combine both and it makes me happy!), and so glad she's interested in , & [IMAGE].
now that quite a few big paintings found homes I hope I hear back from luv2look50 about . I'm sorry for the confusion and hast actions but I also like to hear from the people who promised to take [IMAGE]
I know this is a gigantic, long, whiny post.
I should quit and be very grateful.

2005-04-14 08:12:01 ET



2005-04-14 08:46:05 ET

forgot about the links. *shrug*

2005-04-15 08:54:41 ET

youre eating pasta on my couch right now

2005-04-15 09:40:08 ET

no, you're sitting on the couch talking about the punisher right now.

2005-04-16 19:30:24 ET

i love the punisher

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