2005-04-15 10:10:43 ET

my friend & I finally have money AND time to GO TO SO CAL NEXT week. BUUUUUUT I don't have my passport/citizenship.


2005-04-15 10:11:45 ET

Ut ohs.

2005-04-15 10:33:52 ET

sneak over the border.

2005-04-15 10:52:23 ET

I was let in to the US just with my health card, though I suspect they're a lot stricter at the airport.

2005-04-15 13:29:57 ET

just email me pics of your boobs and I'll pretend you're here.

2005-04-16 12:23:09 ET

Telal, I really don't have the time nor budget to DRIVE all the way to So Cal, or else I'd've DEFINATELY not give two fucks cos they usually just let people through for their driver's license...

Axo, you've seen boobs before.
what happened to your new girl(s)?

2005-04-18 08:02:08 ET

She's still around! I just said farewell to her about an hour ago, after breakfast. :) <3

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