Directed at a lot of SG members:
2005-04-16 15:25:08 ET

To all people who are easily irrated by my online attitude, BEFORE YOU PICK A FIGHT, FUCK OFF MY FRIENDS LIST.

There's enough of you who get pissed off at my response/opinions to your specific posts/e-mails/etc.. One thing people should learn in this information age is that everyone should give a benefit of the doubt regarding tone of speech received through text. Firstly, I am not one to go out of my way to insult people I don't know who added me to their friends list. Secondly, a lot of you are taking your online existence way too seriously. Some of you remind me of my ex screaming at the computer during online pogo games.

Let me repeat:
IF YOU ARE AN EASILY IRRITATED ONLINE FIGURE, FUCK OFF MY FRIENDS LIST. Do I look like I'm trying to woo you? I sure don't woe the loss of you.

* * *

Yesterday Alice & I went to the ROM to see the exhibit on Feathered Dinosaurs. We're thinking of doing some urban artsy designs based on the stuff we've seen. She thinks everything looks like chicken, I don't know where that idea come from.

Over&out (read that too often from Steve's e-mails now I've picked it up from him)

2005-04-16 19:08:36 ET

yeh, it's silly to get irritated by online stuff. If someone doesn't like what he/she's reading, then stop reading, instead of being an online drama figure.

Dinosaurs are always nice to see.

2005-04-16 19:34:50 ET

ive noticed that in the real world, MOST people have to get to know you first and become comfortable before they become irritating jackasses

on the internet tho, that time buffer is removed and people get right down to it early

i wish the internet had teleportation technology so that during endless flame wars and threat balogna, that i could teleport to the person im talking to and actually trade some punches

if everyone coudl do that, i bet itd be a lot more civil a lot quicker, and when someone said something, itd mean something

as it is the internet will destroy the world

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