2005-04-19 14:14:04 ET

Yes, that's it, the last one died of old age (+/- issues affected by old age), now let's choose a 78 year old guy from England to be a pope!

Christians, your pope is SOOO old, it's time to put away your RRSPs again in case you have to donate to another casket in 3 years!

Your pope is SOOO old, the assasinators just need to trip his staff onto the ground or change the official testament to font size 12 to kill him!


Today I got to meet the almighty Oryx. I can't wait til mid May when we get this idea out in public. ;) Oh so excited...how long will it be before they let my set up?

Today I also got photos back from Kim Taylor. I am going to play with them now.

Today I also got photos back from Alice regarding the ROM trip. I am going to play with them too.

Today I also talked to Emily about doing a fashion shoot for her new clothing line. That I am excited about.

Today, except for all these discussions, has been a physically lame day.

2005-04-19 16:07:26 ET

not to spoil the panty, er party, but he's from germany.

2005-04-19 16:21:37 ET

yeah, a hitler youth

75 years old! C'mon, I think there is an agenda there.

2005-04-19 17:32:50 ET

oh yeah, boo me. I translated it wrong from watching chinese news.

2005-04-19 21:41:13 ET

I also hear he's Rudy from :wumpscut:'s uncle.

2005-04-20 06:17:36 ET

maybe they just happen to have the same last name?

2005-04-20 06:39:05 ET


2005-04-20 06:45:10 ET

no, i asked a friend who knows someone who knows Rudy. They're relatives, but not close.

2005-04-20 07:56:34 ET

your pope is so nazi, he wont even fuck the alter boys

seriously tho al quida, why not kill this pope and the next two or three after?

keep sending messages to us western demons

2005-04-20 07:57:46 ET

al quida don't want to waste assasins and bombs on a dying case.

2005-04-20 08:09:07 ET


you think the us isnt dying a slow death?

2005-04-20 08:20:59 ET

well US is dying TOO slow of death. Can't let it die any slower, cos the longer it drags, like old people who just won't die, the more costly the hospital bill is. Al Quida can't let the global economy fork the decades of hospital bills no more cos this old man is just too aggrevating, and this old man thinks he's Jesus and our saviour.

2005-04-20 08:32:30 ET

i dont understand

kill the western devils!

rape the heathens!

fuck the episcopalians!

2005-04-20 11:22:28 ET

the selection has to do with politics they were supposed to elect a black pope many want a return to order and have an Italian pope again. The election of this pope is (most likely) to bide time and build concesus for the next time.

None of this is fact this is just my iterpretation of the events of what transpired.

2005-04-20 19:23:33 ET

I feel more comforatble here in sk.net reading stuff about it like this, every one on my city thinks so... well, uhm, yeah, why such an old pope?

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