2005-05-04 18:09:43 ET

my mom found me this exquisite place to live downtown. I move in early September, paying my mom rent. Don't know if dad's bluffin', he offered to help me out $300/month on living. Whatever got to him, I suppose...god knows if that's just bluffin', really.

Meanwhile I hope to find a stable source of income, focus on work, and set aim that I'll be fine & moving out in a couple of weeks to this inspiring space at Queen and Church/Jarvis. Of course my mom will NOT see this space; if things work out I'll be sharing this duplex with 2 guys near the corners of Sherbourne. But I really took a shine to that area. I'll bike to work even.

Other than that, I am generally relieved.
If Chris has that pocket $ to spend on me, I'd say I want a trip from him, with him. He suggested PEI, and I think that sounds too beautiful to be true.

2005-05-05 01:17:09 ET

well it's good to hear that progress is being made in your life.

2005-05-05 08:56:17 ET

not too beautiful to be true if tonight goes well

it wont be out of my range money wise at all

im callin you now, cus i dont know if i be in when you over, maybe i hide the key

2005-05-05 18:01:29 ET


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